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Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

Prepare for your trip

Travel requirements

Most places, including Hong Kong, have removed all COVID-19 related travel restrictions and compulsory quarantine arrangements. For the latest information, please refer to our Travel restrictions.

For passengers arriving in Hong Kong, please refer to the Hong Kong Government COVID-19 website.


You'll be able to access health declaration forms in our COVID-19 Information Centre. You’ll also be able to access some of these health forms when you’re in the air via our inflight WiFi, free of charge.

Please ensure you complete the necessary forms prior to arriving at your destination, so that your arrival experience is a smooth one.

If you have been previously diagnosed with COVID-19, we recommend that you carry documentation confirming that you have recovered and are no longer contagious in case this is requested by authorities on departure, arrival or during any transit stops.

Please refer to the Hong Kong Department of Health Travel AdviceOpen a new windowwebsite for guidance.

Throughout their journey, we recommend that passengers:

  • Carry alcohol-based handrub
  • Observe good personal hygiene

Flight status

You can check the latest flight status for flights departing in the past four days, today, and the next six days. For departures outside this period, please refer to our flight timetable.

Your latest booking information and flight arrangement can be viewed in Manage Booking. To receive updates on your flight, please download our app for iOS or Android, and enable push notifications. You can also choose to receive updates via text messages or email.