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Travel insurance

Chubb Insurance provides extensive insurance protection designed with your needs in mind.

Single Trip Plan: Chubb Premier Travel Cover

Chubb Premier Travel Cover provides extensive protection that suits different travel needs. Whether you’re getting away for the weekend, or enjoying an extended vacation, Chubb Premier Travel Cover can assist you with a worry-free travel experience.

Chubb insurance

Insurance benefits

  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Broad medical expense reimbursement cover including overseas medical expenses
  • Coverage for loss of advance payment for travel and/or accommodation expenses forfeited due to cancellation of trip
  • Round-the-clock Overseas Assistance hotline services in the event of an emergency

Get cover online

Be sure to add Chubb Premier Travel Cover when you book. You can also opt in via Manage Booking

Via the Chubb website

Get cover in just 4 steps with instant email confirmation. Understand more about Chubb Premier Travel Cover

Already enrolled?

Contact Chubb Samaggi Insurance on +66(2)611-4031 for any enquiry or check your policy information via Chubb’s Online Policy Enquiry

Annual multi-trip plan: Chubb Premier Travel Annual Cover

Stay protected with a single-trip plan – or if you’re a frequent traveller, save with the annual multi-trip plan, which can be purchased through the Chubb website.

Find out more about Chubb Premier Travel Annual Cover, which provides cover for unlimited trips within the policy year, including reimbursement for overseas medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, trip cancellation, loss of personal property and money.

About Chubb Samaggi Insurance

Chubb Samaggi Insurance is a subsidiary of the Chubb Group which provides high quality coverage and service to millions of travellers globally. Read more about the insurance terms, company information and contact methods of Chubb Samaggi Insurance.