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What to do in Hong Kong Airport with family on a layover

Entertainment at every age: Your 120-minute transit itinerary

If you are travelling with family, the gap between connecting flights in Hong Kong is a perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and stock up on vital supplies before the next leg of your journey. Here’s what to do in Hong Kong International Airport on a layover with family.

1. Start your adventure

  Allow 10 minutes


When you have two hours on your hands and a family to keep entertained, what’s there to do? At Hong Kong International Airport, the answer is plenty, with a wide selection of restaurants and shops to visit. And don’t forget the airport lends out free infant strollers – just contact the airport team when you land.


Don't forget to sign up for HKIA’s new loyalty programme, HKairport Rewards, to earn points and rewards for you spending at the airport. 

2. Seek out magical souvenirs

Allow 20 minutes


On the hunt for a gift or two? Head to the East Hall, where you’ll find the flagship The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland store, featuring toys, games, souvenirs and everything else you’d expect from a shop that celebrates all things Disney. 


Looking to keep the family happy on the next leg of your journey? Head to the Toys & Games shops for entertainment options or The Peninsula Boutique, which is filled with the hotel group’s finest delicacies: delicious chocolates, crumbly cookies and other tasty treats.

3. Family-friendly eats 

Allow 30 minutes


There are many family-friendly options found at the airport. The question will be what everyone is in the mood for. 

Is it burgers, nuggets and chips?Burger King offers its flame-grilled kid-friendly fare with a great view of the planes. If you’re looking for something quick yet comforting, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food To Go offers a variety of classic British dishes which are freshly made-to-order but quick to arrive. 

Perhaps the whole family is clamouring for Hong Kong specialities? If so, opt for pastries, breads or local snacks at King Bakery – famous for their egg tarts. Or for quality Chinese delicacies, head to Wing Wah Bakery, where you’ll find traditional custard mooncakes, wife cakes, bridal cakes and more.


4. Play and recharge 

Allow 20 minutes


If you’ve got younger children to tire out before your flight, there are two Digital Fun Zones: the Wonder and the Buzz. Here, you’ll find LED walls showing movies and TV shows, screens with AR and VR games, and digital tablets with interactive games. For something more adventurous, the Wonder Eggshell – an egg-shaped structure connected to climbing nets, tunnels and slides – encourages children to play and explore.  

For some family-time pre-flight, unwind in comfortable, contemporary Recharge zones, located by a number of gates around the airport. Enjoy some privacy in the cubicle seating area, or tuck into snacks in the dining area. Keep an eye out around the departures area: there are 19 pieces of art made by 10 Hong Kong artists displayed throughout.

And for the child in every one of us, there’s always plane-watching. The floor-to-ceiling windows are perfect for seeing aircraft, and the many airport vehicles and people that make up the ever-moving ecosystem of an airport.

5. All aboard!

  Allow 40 minutes


You need to get to your connecting flight gate at least 30 minutes before departure: and with a whole family in tow, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time. The automated people mover – the train shuttle in the basement – is a fast and fun way across the airport. Get a spot at the front windows to watch the journey through the tunnel.