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    Shop the city: where to shop in Kaohsiung
    Mixing big brand stores with local indie retailers, Kaohsiung in Taiwan China is the ideal destination for a weekend shopping trip from Hong Kong
    Shopping in Kaohsiung
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    A popular weekend pastime in Kaohsiung is shopping in the large and modern air-conditioned malls dotted throughout the city. However, those searching for a more complete retail experience will want to visit the city’s thriving marketplaces, shopping streets dedicated to specific products, and the Pier-2 Arts Center, which brims with independent, local brands. Here’s where to head for a weekend of shopping in the island’s second largest city. 

    Hanshin Shopping Arena

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    Hanshin Shopping Arena

    Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza 

    There are many shopping malls in Kaohsiung – popular ones include Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Dream Mall, E-Da Mall and the relatively new E-Sky Mall – but the perennial favourite among locals and visitors alike is Hanshin Arena . This one-stop shopping complex boasts nine floors of leading international fashion, cosmetics, electronics, sports and homeware brands – including luxury flagships 

    Taiwanee market vendor

    La Rue Market 

    Since debuting as a food truck-themed event in 2017, La Rue has blossomed into an upscale weekend market, regularly setting up in beautiful locations such as Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Love River, Pier-2 and Weiwuying. Vendors are carefully selected to ensure consistent quality, and popular finds include hand-woven fabrics by Younga, decorative woodwork from Gohan and fragrances by YùYù. With a great selection of food vendors and live music performances, the market is the perfect family-friendly day out. 

    Taiwanese riad

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    Jianguo Second Road (Computer Street)

    For an enormous selection of laptops, gaming devices, software and accessories, head to Jianguo Second Road – better known as Computer Street. Just a 10-minute walk from Kaohsiung Main Station, you’ll find bargains aplenty and highly knowledgeable staff ready to impart their expert advice. 

    Shiquan Jade Market

    Credit: Getty Images

    Shiquan Jade Market 

    Open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, this indoor market at the corner of Shi Quan 2nd Road and Zili Road features all manner of jade accessories, from jewellery to intricate hand-carved ornaments, cute teapots and gua sha tools. The vendors take great pride in their craft; some have even had their artworks featured in national museum exhibitions. 

    Pier 2 art center

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    Pier-2 Art Center 

    Established in 2006, this collection of abandoned shipping warehouses is Kaohsiung’s biggest creative hub. Many of the units have been converted into pop-up and permanent shops housing design stores, artist studios, cafés, music venues and more. Dotted with impressive street art and installations, as well as new multimillion-dollar projects, the area is now one of the city’s coolest hangout spots, making it the perfect destination for a day of shopping and sightseeing. 

    Pier-2 Highlights 

    Yiri Goods P2 

    This shop emphasises sustainable Taiwanese brands. You’ll find knitted goods by Studio Chiia, purses made from recycled plastic carrier bags by Bago and pottery by Tainan creatives Tu Xing. The store also carries a selection of stylish denim designs from Taipei-based zero-waste fashion brand Story Wear. 


    Drawing upon its owner’s eight years living in Tokyo, Moonmist combines Japanese-style tea banquets with Taiwan’s own love of cha. It features a careful selection of ceremonial tea bowls from international award- winning Taiwanese artists and designers, as well as eye-catching lifestyle and homeware products.

    Wooderful Life 

    With the adorable wooden animatronic animals which adorn its entranceway, the Wooderful Life store is impossible to miss. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a fantastic range of toys, music boxes and household decorations, all carefully crafted from sustainably sourced wood. 

    KHI Ideas 

    There are 16 officially recognised indigenous groups across Taiwan, and KHI Ideas  is a celebration of their unique culture and traditions. Discover colourful and decorative garments representing the various aboriginal groups, as well as traditional foods and drinks ranging from millet wine to peeled chilli peppers from Hualien. 

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