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Invitations to bid

Invitations are made at Cathay’s sole discretion based on certain criteria and combination of factors that are dynamic. Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly when making a booking so that we are able to contact you if your booking is deemed eligible. Please note that only one invitation email will be sent out within the same booking reference even if there is more than one passenger under the same booking.

If you wish to upgrade with miles, please log in to with your member login details and submit a flight redemption request. If you have already submitted an offer via Upgrade Bid you can cancel it provided that your redemption upgrade award has not already been accepted.

You can visit the Upgrade Bid Welcome Page to confirm your eligibility and make an offer by enter your booking reference number together with your family name in the fields provided, and follow the simple step-by-step process to make your offer.

If you are a Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles member, you can visit Your Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles account, and update your communications preferences under Personal Details in your profile.

If you are not a member, you can subscribe to our newsletter by registering an account with us.