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Hold your fare

Secure your fare for 72 hours before purchase

With hold your fare, you can secure the price of your flights for 72 hours before purchase, giving you more time to decide.

At a glance

Hold the fare you like

Hold the fare you like

If you like what you see but want to shop around or take your time, you can hold the exact fare and flight before purchase.

Pay a small holding fee

Pay a small holding fee

The holding fee is charged per passenger, per booking and is significantly lower than the fees for flight changes or cancellations.

Take 72 hours to decide

Take 72 hours to decide

The fare is held for up to 72 hours, so you can take your time to complete your ticket purchase during this period.

How it works

Start your new booking on our website as you normally would.

After you have selected your flights, you will be given the option to hold your fare.

Enter your payment information to pay the holding fee.

Once your booking is held, you’ll receive a notification email and have 72 hours to decide if you want to complete your ticket purchase to secure your booking.

You can complete your booking either from within Manage Booking on our website or by following the instructions in your confirmation email.

Some important information


Hold your fare is not available for:

  • Departures from India
  • Flights departing within seven days (168 hours)
  • Itineraries that include a flight with another airline, i.e. begin with any other code other than "CX"

Holding fee payment

  • Only selected electronic payment methods are accepted for the holding fee payment.

Changes and refunds

  • Bookings made with hold your fare cannot be changed, regardless of whether it is within the 72-hour holding period or not.
  • If you decide you no longer want the booking, you can log into Manage Booking to cancel the booking* or it will automatically be cancelled at the end of the 72-hour holding period.
  • The holding fee is non-refundable even if you cancel the booking or complete your ticket purchase within the holding period. However, if any flights in your booking have been rescheduled or cancelled by Cathay Pacific during the holding period, you are entitled to apply for a refund of the holding fee by contacting Customer Care.

*It may take up to 30 minutes from the time you select hold your fare for the cancellation option to be available in Manage Booking.

More about hold your fare

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