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Terms and Conditions for Arranged Tours
(Hotels / Travel Extras)

Please be sure to read these Terms and Conditions for Arranged Tours before booking a reservation.

Cathay Pacific Holidays Japan Ltd.


These Terms and Conditions for Arranged Tours constitute part of the documents explaining the terms and conditions specified in Article 12-4 of the Travel Agency Act and the contract documents specified in Article 12-5 of the Travel Agency Act.

1. Arranged Tour Contract

1.1 The Customer and Cathay Pacific Holidays Japan Ltd. (Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Registered Travel Agent No. 1349, Shiodome Building 13F, 1-2-20, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo) (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby conclude an Arranged Tour Contract (hereinafter referred to as “the Tour Contract”).

1.2 The Company shall accept responsibility for making arrangements, at the request of the Customer, to enable the customer to receive provision of transportation, lodging, and other travel-related services (hereinafter referred to as “Travel Services”) offered by transportation and lodging facilities and the like by acting as an agent, intermediary, or broker for the Customer.

1.3 The Company shall charge prescribed handling fees in addition to fares, fees, and other expenses to be paid to transportation and lodging facilities and the like (hereinafter referred to as “Travel Expenses”) in association with tour arrangements.

1.4 The terms and conditions of the Tour Contract are as set forth in these Terms and Conditions for Arranged Tour and the section on Arranged Tour Contract in the company’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRAVEL CONTRACTS (hereinafter referred to as “the Company’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS”).

1.5 In case the Customer, being a card member of a credit card company with which the Company is in affiliation (hereinafter referred to as an “Affiliate”), has approved in advance the settlement of payments of tour fare by means of a card of the Affiliate, the Company shall apply the Travel Terms and Conditions through a communication contract in which it agrees to accept applications from the Customer through a website and to accept payment of tour fares by means of the card of the Affiliate without signature of a prescribed sales slip.

2. Application for Tour and Time of Entry into Effect of Contract

2.1 The Customer may file an application by entering the content of the arranged tour, travel start date, and other items on a prescribed screen on the website and agreeing to the documents explaining terms and conditions.


(I). In case the entire amount of the tour fare is not paid through the website by the payment date, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

(II). Transportation facilities may revise fares without notice making purchases under the initial terms and conditions impossible.

A Tour Contract based on a Communication Contract shall be executed once the Customer has entered credit card information on the website and a notification to the effect that the Company has approved the credit card information is displayed on a contract conclusion approval screen on the website.

3. Conditions for Applications

3.1 Applications are limited to tours in which the Customer is personally to participate.

3.2 Payments by credit card is the only acceptable form of payment. The credit card must be in the name of the Customer.

3.3 Persons who require special consideration, such as elderly persons, persons with chronic diseases, persons of impaired health, pregnant persons, and persons with disabilities, should confirm whether or not they will be able to use the transportation and lodging facilities and the like providing Travel Services planned for use before applying.

3.4 Applications may be refused in case the Customer is judged to be a member of an organized crime group, a person associated with an organized crime group, or any other antisocial force, in case the Customer has engaged in actions involving violence or unreasonable demands, actions using intimidating behaviour or violence, or the like toward the Company, or in case the Customer has engaged in actions damaging or obstructing the operations of the Company using fraud or force or the like.

3.5 For tour by minors, the Customer should confirm in advance the Terms and Conditions of the transportation and lodging facilities providing Travel Services planned for use, immigration terms and conditions of the country to be visited, and the like. Use may be restricted or additional fares may be incurred on the basis of the laws and regulations of the city being visited, the bylaws of transportation facilities, or the like. The consent of a person with parental authority is required when a person less than twenty years of age at the time of application wants to participate in a tour alone. Please provide a letter of consent immediately after the reservation. Accompaniment by a guardian is a condition for application by persons less than eighteen years of age.

3.6 The Company may refuse applications due to the operational circumstances of the Company.

3.7 In case a booking is cancelled due to reasons set forth in items (3.1), (3.3), (3.4), and (3.5) of this paragraph, the Customer shall bear all remuneration for Travel Services received by the Customer as well as expenses paid to facilities providing Travel Services under the name of cancellation fees, breach-of-contract fees, or the like relating to Travel Services not yet received.

4. Delivery of Contract Documents

The Company shall deliver contract documents recording tour itinerary, content of Travel Services, and other items relating to travel terms and conditions and the responsibilities of the Company to the Customer promptly upon execution of the Tour Contract. The contract documents shall comprise these Terms and Conditions for Arranged Tours, an itinerary, and a screen explaining terms and conditions. However, in case a screen displaying tickets, lodging tickets, and rights to receive provision of other Travel Services for all Travel Services arranged by the Company is delivered, the above-mentioned contract documents may not be delivered.

5. Payment of Tour Fares and Changes in Monetary Amounts

5.1 The full monetary amount of tour fares (denoting Travel Expenses and handling fees of the Company) shall be paid by credit card by a date specified by the Company.

5.2 The credit card must be in the name of the person entering into the contract and use is limited to that person and persons accompanying that person.

5.3 In case changes in tour fare arises due to revision of fares or fees of transportation and lodging facilities and the like, changes in exchange rates, or for any other reason, the Company may change said tour fare.

5.4 In case the tour fare actually acquired and the tour fare received do not match, the Company shall promptly adjust the tour fare after completion of tour.

5.5 In case cancellation fees, breach-of-contract fees, or the like are to be paid by the Customer due to cancellation of a Communication Contract, the Company shall accept payment of cancellation fees, breach-of-contract fees, and the like through the credit card of the Affiliate without signature of prescribed sales slips once the Customer has declared cancellation of the contract.

5.6 In case a monetary amount is to be paid back to the Customer due to a decrease in tour fares due to change in contract content, cancellation of a Communication Contract, or the like, the Company shall pay said monetary amount to the Customer through the credit card of the Affiliate on the day the Customer is notified to the effect that the decrease or cancellation has occurred.

5.7 “Card use date” shall denote the date on which the Customer or the Company discharges the obligation to pay or refund tour fare based on the Arranged Tour Contract. The card use date for tour fare shall be the date on which the Company informs the confirmed Travel Services to the Customer. “Expenses to be paid to facilities providing Travel Services under the name of cancellation fees, breach-of-contract fees, or the like in the case of contract cancellation” as set forth in Paragraph 8 shall be paid separately from monetary amounts to be refunded, without adjustment by subtraction from the tour fare.

5.8 In case a part of the contract content is not used, the application of agreed tour fare may not be possible. In such a case, facilities providing services may demand payment of the difference, so the Customer shall pay such differences.

6. Procedure for Going Abroad

Procedure for going abroad required for tour, including passports, visas, vaccination certificates, and the like, shall be conducted by the Customer. The Company shall not undertake to act as an agent for procedure for going abroad. In case the Customer is unable to acquire passports, visas, or the like for reasons originating with the Customer, the Company shall bear no responsibility for the same.

7. Revision of Tour Contract

No changes to the content of the Tour Contract, substitutions of travellers, or corrections of names shall be accepted after conclusion of the contract (after payment). The contract may be dissolved at will by the Customer. In such a case, all cancellation fees and the like to be paid to facilities providing services shall be borne by the Customer.

8. Items Included in the Tour Fare

The following expressed in the Final Itinerary are included: (Except when the statement “customer’s expense” is added)

8.1 Fares and fees for transportation facilities (These fares and fees do not include additional fares and fees levied by transportation facilities (in order to accommodate unusual variation in price levels, these shall be limited to those levied across-the-board to all travelers only during certain periods and under certain conditions). Moreover, there are courses on which grades can be selected and courses on which specific grades can be used, which are clearly indicated on the Company’s Overseas Dynamic Packages Site.)

8.2 Lodging fees, taxes, and service fees. Unless specifically stated otherwise, two persons lodging in one two-person room is standard.

8.3 Airplane transport fees for luggage

Luggage transport fees may vary depending on grade used and direction. Luggage is transported by the transportation facility being used and the Company shall act as an agent for transportation commissioning procedures with the transportation facility. Moreover, some fees may not be included due to airlines changing to a system in which fees are charged for luggage.

8.4 The other items clearly stated to be included in the Company’s “Overseas Dynamic Packages Site”.

8.5 Fuel surcharges for courses with fuel surcharges included.

9. Organization and Group Arrangements

Tour Contract for which a plurality of travellers (hereinafter referred to as “Constituent Members”) travelling on the same itinerary at the same time have applied by designating a representative shall be handled as follows.

9.1 The Company shall deem the representative (hereinafter referred to as “the Contract Supervisor”) designated by the Customers to possess all right of agency relating to the conclusion of the Tour Contract for the Constituent Members and shall conduct transactions and the like relating to said Tour Contract with the Contract Supervisor.

9.2 The Company shall not bear any responsibility for debts or obligations actually borne, or expected to be borne in the future, by the Contract Supervisor to Constituent Members.

9.3 The Contract Supervisor shall submit a list of names of Constituent Members by a date specified by the Company after conclusion of the contract.

9.4 In case the Contract Supervisor is not to accompany an organization or group, a Constituent Member elected by the Contract Supervisor in advance shall be deemed the Contract Supervisor after the start of tour.

9.5 The Company shall not accept any changes to Constituent Members.

10. Responsibilities of the Company

10.1 The scope of the responsibilities of the Company shall be limited to the arrangement activities set forth in item (1.2) of Paragraph 1.

10.2 In case the Customer suffers any damage due to accident or neglect by the Company or any party (hereinafter referred to as "Arrangement Proxy") allowed to carry out arrangements by the Company in the execution of the Tour Contract, the Company shall compensate the Customer for any damage suffered by the Customer. However, this responsibility is limited to cases in which the Company has been notified within two years, reckoned from the day following the occurrence of the damage.

10.3 In case the Customer suffers damage for reasons like the examples set forth below, the Company shall not bear the responsibility set forth in item (10.1) of this Paragraph.

  1. Natural disaster, war, riot, or changes to tour itinerary or termination of tour caused by same
  2. Damage caused by accidents or fire at transportation or lodging facilities
  3. Termination of provision of services by transportation or lodging facilities or the like, or changes to tour itinerary or termination of tour because of same
  4. Quarantined due to order by public authorities, foreign immigration regulations, or contagious disease, or changes to tour itinerary or termination of tour caused by same
  5. Food poisoning
  6. Theft
  7. Delays, interruptions, schedule changes, route changes, or the like of transportation facilities, or changes to tour itinerary caused by same
  8. Damage caused intentionally or due to neglect by the Customer
  9. Damage for any other reason in which the Company or an Arrangement Proxy of the Company is not involved

11. Responsibilities of the Customer

11.1 The tour shall be carried out by the Customer. In case the Customer is unable to receive provision of Travel Services due to their own fault, the Company shall provide no compensation for said services. The Company shall not make arrangements for or provide tour guide services.

11.2 In case the Company suffers damage due to Customer intention, oversight, or action counter to laws, regulations, or public morals, the Company shall charge the Customer compensation for the damage.

12. Non-application of special compensation rules

The special compensation rules in the Appendix to the Company TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall not apply to this Tour Contract.

13. Overseas safety information (risk information)

Depending on the destination of passage, information may be issued regarding passage to countries or regions, such as “Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Safety Information (Risk Information)” or the like. Please be sure to check “Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety HP at” before applying.

14. Health and Hygiene

Please check the “Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Quarantine Station website at” regarding hygiene conditions at the passage destination.

15. Subscription to Overseas Travel Insurance

In case illness occurs during tour, treatment expenses, transport expenses, and the like can be high. In the case of an accident, requesting compensation for damage or recovering compensation to the person suffering injury can be extremely difficult. In order to provide security in this regard, it is recommended that the Customer subscribe to overseas tour insurance in a sufficient amount. The Customer may also subscribe to overseas travel insurance from this website.

16. Handling of Personal Information

16.1 The Company, in accepting a tour application, will acquire personal information for the Customer through items entered on prescribed forms. The Customer may choose what items of personal information to provide to the Company, but if all or part of the personal information is not provided and procedures necessary to contact the Customer, arrange Tour Services, or accept these services cannot be carried out, it may not be possible to accept the Customer’s application or request.

16.2 The Company, in addition to using personal information acquired as set forth in the previous item in order to contact the Customer, shall use said information within the scope necessary to make arrangements for Tour Services for a tour applied for by the Customer and perform procedures to accept these services and shall provide said information to transportation and lodging facilities and the like, insurance companies, and Arrangement Proxies noted on the Company website where the application was received by sending said information by electronic or other means. The Company may also use the Customer’s personal information for the following purposes: 1. to provide guidance to products, services, or campaigns of the Company or enterprises affiliated with the Company; 2. to request opinions or impressions after participation in the tour; 3. to request that questionnaires be filled out; 4. to provide reward services; 5. to prepare statistical data.

16.3 The Company shall use, from among Customer personal data in the possession of the Company, names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information necessary to contact the Customer to the minimum extent possible jointly among enterprises in the Company’s group. Said group enterprises may use said information to provide sales guidance for the enterprises, to simplify Customer applications, to provide guidance regarding details of special events, or to send purchased products. Please see the Company website ( for contacts regarding the disclosure, correction, or deletion of Customer personal data, the names of enterprises in the Company’s group that will jointly use Customer personal data, and enterprises of the Company’s group that manage personal data.

17. Other

17.1 In case the Customer requests personal guidance, shopping, or the like from employees or other staff of facilities providing services, all expenses associated therewith, expenses associated with injury, disease, or the like suffered by the customer, expenses associated with baggage loss or recovery of lost properties due to Customer negligence, and expenses required for arrangement of separate activities shall be borne by the Customer.

17.2 Guidance may be provided regarding souvenir shops and the like on optional tours, but any purchases made by the customer while shopping are at the Customer’s own responsibility. The Company will not provide help with exchange or return of products or the like. In case tax exemption refunds are to be received, the Customer should be sure to prepare the purchased products as hand luggage and carry out procedures for the tax exemption refunds after confirming same with the souvenir shop, airport, or the like. Bringing some articles into Japan is prohibited by the Washington Convention or domestic laws and regulations, so please be careful when making purchases.

17.3 There are cases where it is possible to accumulate points or use rewards for member cards or the like issued by airline FFPs (Frequent Flyer Programs, i.e., mileage services), hotel chains, or the like, but enquiries, registration, and the like regarding such services should be carried out by the customer with the airline or hotel in question. The Company shall bear no responsibility of any kind regarding point accumulation, rewards, or the like.

17.4 Please note that the valid promotion code issued by “Cathay Holiday Hong Kong” does not apply to travel arrangements such as “overseas hotels” and “Travel Extra” etc.

17.5 The Company shall not re-operate the tour under any circumstances.

17.6 Information, contents (text, images, videos, audio, data, topics, comments, etc.), promotions and links posted on the website or through other channels such as advertisements are provided by individual supplier of “tour parts” (Travel Extras), and those images are different from the actual ones. Each “travel parts” provider is always responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the “travel parts” information displayed on the website. However, please note that the information posted may be changed or deleted without notice, and any information will not always be updated to the latest.

These Terms and Conditions for Arranged Tours are based on the standard of January 2019.

(Revision date: 24 May 2019)

If this English version of the Terms and Conditions does not conform to Japanese versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.