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Terms and Conditions for Agent-Organized Tour

(Overseas Packages except Overseas Dynamic Packages)

This Terms and Conditions for Agent-Organized Tours are in conformity with Cathay Pacific Holidays Japan Ltd's Terms and Conditions for Agency-Organized Travels (Japanese version).

1. Significance of the Agent-Organized Tour Contract

This outline of tour conditions represents part of the terms of transaction stipulated in Article 12-4 of the Travel Agency Law, and the contract specifying services rendered for travel and other matters as stated in Article 12-5 of the law.

2. Agent-Organized Tour Contract

2.1 Responsibility rests with the company operating Agent-Organized Tours (hereinafter referred to as CHJ) whose name in full appears below and in its tour brochures. Clients joining such tours shall conclude an Agent-Organized Tour Contract (hereinafter referred to as the ""Tour Contract"") with CHJ.
Cathay Pacific Holidays Japan Ltd. (CHJ)
Address 13/F, Shiodome Bldg., 1-2-20, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022
The Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency No.1349"

2.2 CHJ shall provide tour arrangements and itinerary management so that the client receives tour services including transport/accommodations (hereinafter referred to as "tour services") provided by transportation/accommodation operators in the tour itinerary set by CHJ.

2.3 The content and terms and conditions of the Tour Contract will be in accordance with advertisements, brochures (hereinafter referred to as "Brochures"), travel terms and conditions, final documents provided to the customer prior to departure (hereinafter referred to as "Final Tour Itinerary"), and Agent-Organized Tours as described in CHJ's general terms and conditions as based on the Travel Agency Law (hereinafter referred to as "General Terms and Conditions of Agent Organized Tours").

3. Application for Agent-Organized Tour Contracts and their Conclusion

3.1 The client shall provide on the CHJ application form information as required by CHJ and submit the form together with the necessary reservation deposit. Said deposit shall be applied to the tour fare, cancellation charges or penalties.

3.2 CHJ may accept applications for tour contracts by telephone, mail, facsimile, internet and other means of communication. In such cases, the client shall submit the application form and reservation deposit to CHJ within 3 days counting from the day when acceptance of application is confirmed. If the client fails to supply the required application form and deposit within 3 days, the reservation shall be voided.

3.3 The Tour Contract shall become valid upon CHJ's consent to the conclusion of the contract and receipt of the reservation deposit. If tour arrangements are made by phone or internet, the Tour Contract shall become valid upon CHJ's acceptance of the tour deposit as specified in the Article 2. When clients request tour arrangements by mail, facsimile or other communication methods, the tour contract shall become valid upon payment of the Tour Deposit and CHJ's notification of acceptance of the tour contract.

3.4 Deposit(per person)

Tour fare amount Application fare (per one person)
JPY500,000 or higher From JPY100,000, up to the amount of the tour fare
JPY300,000 or higher From JPY50,000, up to the amount of the tour fare
JPY150,000 or higher and less than JPY300,000 From JPY30,000, up to the amount of the tour fare
Less than JPY150,000 From JPY20,000, up to the amount of the tour fare

However, other conditions stipulated in the brochures will apply to specific periods or specific courses.

3.5 If the Tour Contract cannot be concluded immediately at the time of application due to full booking, full occupancy, or any other reason, CHJ may place the customer on a waiting list upon approval of the customer and make efforts so that the customer can obtain a confirmation. In this case, CHJ will also require the payment of the application fee as "deposit". However, if the customer applies to deregister from the waiting list before CHJ gives notice that the reservation becomes available, or if the reservation ends up unavailable, CHJ will reimburse the full amount of the application fee already paid.

4. Special Conditions of Tour Application

4.1 A client under 20 years of age and traveling alone during the tour period shall provide CHJ with written consent of clients guardian. Clients under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

4.2 CHJ may refuse an application if any one of the client's age, qualifications, skills or other conditions do not conform to those designated for tours aimed at specific customer categories or purposes.

4.3 Clients who require special attention from CHJ during the tour for reason of chronic disease, general ill-health, pregnancy or physical handicap, shall advise CHJ of this when applying for the tour. CHJ shall comply with such requests to the extent deemed feasible and reasonable. In such cases, CHJ may require clients to present a medical certificate. CHJ may refuse a client's application if conditions at travel destinations and facilities are such that safe, smooth tour operation cannot be guaranteed, or require the client to be accompanied by an escort. Notification concerning acceptance or rejection of client participation in the tour shall be made by CHJ within one week after the application is submitted.

4.4 If CHJ determines that the client needs medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician owing to illness, functional disease or other reasons during the tour, CHJ shall take measures necessary to ensure smooth operation of the tour. All costs resulting from such measures shall be borne by the client.

4.5 Independent activities for reasons of the client's own choosing shall not be arranged by CHJ during the tour. However, CHJ may, depending on the tour course, arrange such activities under separate conditions.

4.6 CHJ may refuse client participation if it determines that he or she threatens to embarrass, inconvenience or interfere with the collective activities of tour participants.

4.7 CHJ may also refuse client participation for the tour operational reasons.

5. Contract Document and Final Tour Itinerary

5.1 After the client has entered into a Tour Contract with CHJ as stipulated in Articles 2 & 3 above, the brochures and the tour conditions listed herein shall be included in the Tour Contract.

5.2 Unless specified in the Tour Contract, CHJ shall immediately submit a written tour contract stating tour itinerary, details of the services, other tour conditions and CHJ responsibility to the clients, not later that one day prior to tour departure date.
Irrespective of the above, when application for the Agent-Organized Tour is made on or after 7 days prior to the eve of tour departure, the Final Tour Itinerary shall be presented to the client by the departure date.

6. Payment of Tour Fare

6.1 The Tour Fare shall be paid no later than the 21st day prior to the eve of the departure date. When application is made on or after the 20th day prior to the eve of the day the tour starts, the tour fare shall be paid before departure by a date designated by CHJ. Even when the client and CHJ do not enter into the correspondence contract stipulated in Clause 25, if the client is the member of CHJ affiliated credit company and consents to pay for the itinerary by credit card, CHJ shall charge the client' s credit card for tour fares (inclusive of tour deposits and additional charges), any cancellation charge or non-fulfillment fee stipulated in Clause 15, and additional charges and handling fees stipulated in Clause 10 even without a signature. In the absence of any request from the client, the card will be charged on the date the client accepts the itinerary.

7. Amount of Tour Fare

7.1 The Tour Fare shall be the basis for calculating the cancellation charge (Clause 15-I-1), penalty charge (Clause 15-II-2) and compensation for changes(Clause 24). The "Tour Fare" on the advertisements or brochures will be calculated as follows;
tour fare "(+)" additional fare "(-)" reduction fare.

8. Included in the Tour Fare

The following may eventually include items unrelated to the tours you choose. Please note that the items included in the tour fare are only those as specified in the itinerary.
In principle, CHJ will not make refunds for the below fare even if clients choose not to use the relevant services.

Transportation, airlines, ships, railways etc.. Excluding fuel surcharge.
Unless the Brochures expressly indicate that a first-class seat or business-class seat will be used, an economy-class seat will be used, including for railways or ships.
Transfers Between airport, railway station or port and place of accommodation, except for when the tour itinerary expressly indicates that such fares will be borne by clients.
Sightseeing & Excursions Only the sightseeing & excursions specified in each itinerary. (Including Bus fares, expenses for guide, entrance fees, etc.)
Accommodations The fee is based on 2 persons staying in a twin room with private bath unless otherwise specified in the itinerary. A client traveling alone is requested to book a single room occupancy by choice or circumstances, extra charges will be required as shown in the respective column in each itinerary. Triple room may be provided as a twin room with one extra bed added.
Meals Only the meals specified in each itinerary.
Luggage The transfer and handling of one piece of normal sized luggage (In principle, 20 kg or less per person; however, requirements may differ depending on the class or destination. For details, please refer to a contact person specified in the itinerary. However, at certain times and places this service might not be n included owing to limited luggage capacity on trains and/or ships and the unavailability of porters at stations, hotels and/or airports.
Tour conductor Only the case of conducted tour course

9. Not Included in the Tour Fare

Charges and expenses other than those specified in the preceding article 8, such as :

9.1 Excess luggage charge (for weight, volume or quantity exceeding the limit set by each transportation facility)

9.2 Personal expenses and incidental taxes and service fees, including, but not limited to, cleaning fee(s), telephone charge(s), tips, and other extra beverages. Medical expenses for injuries and illness.

9.3 Expenses related to the overseas travel procedure (including official fees for passport, certificate, visa, vaccination and travel agency charges for handling overseas travel procedures), etc.

9.4 Additional charges for "single room use" (An adult or a child will be equally counted as one person).

9.5 Expenses for optional tour (sightseeing and excursions etc.).

9.6 Extra transportation fees and charges imposed by transportation facilities (Ex; fuel surcharge).

9.7 Airport facility usage charges, airport taxes in each country during the tour itinerary and several airport taxes including, but not limited to, entry tax and departure tax.

9.8 Traveling and accommodation costs between arrival/departure and the start and end points of the itinerary.

9.9 Other items as specified in brochures and other material.

10. Additional Fares

The additional fares specified in Clause 7 include following charges: (Items explicitly stated in the "Tour Fare" are excluded)

10.1 Additional charges for "single room use" (An adult or a child will be equally counted as one person).

10.2 Additional charges for "Upgrade Plans" for upgraded accommodations or class of room.

10.3 Additional charges for changing from a " Plan Without meals" to a "Plan With Meals".

10.4 Additional charges for "Hotel Extension Plan" to extend the staying period.

10.5 Surcharges for upgrading airline seat classes

10.6 Other additional charges as specified in brochures and other material.

11. Items to be implemented by Customer by the Departure Date

11.1 A client, at his/her own responsibility, is required to acquire a passport, with sufficient remaining validity period, visa, re-entry permit, and other necessary certificates and to prepare documents for entry and departure procedures.

11.2 For sanitary information about the country of your destination, please refer to the "For Travelers' Health Site" by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Quarantine Station.
FORTH: (Only in Japanese)

11.3 Depending on your destination (area/city), for information including warnings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, please refer to website about safety information at overseas. (Only in Japanese)

12. Revision of Contents of Travel Services

CHJ may, after conclusion of the Travel Contract, cancel the tour or revise its contents and services for any of the following reasons : natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services rendered by transport/accommodation facilities, provision of transportation not based on the original operational plan, governmental orders, or other circumstances beyond CHJ control. CHJ reserves the right to take necessary measures when safe, smooth tour operation in accordance with the itinerary is deemed impossible, or when there is valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue. In such cases, CHJ must explain in a timely manner its inability to function according to the Travel Contract under the circumstances. However, said explanation may be made after revisions are made when conditions demand.

13. Change of Tour Fare

13.1 CHJ may revise its schedule of fees in accordance with increases or reductions of transport fares and/or charges for Agent-Organized Tour owing to unusual or unforeseen economic developments. In such cases, CHJ shall notify the client no later than the 16th day prior to the eve of departure.

13.2 In the event travel costs decrease, CHJ shall reduce the tour fare accordingly.

13.3 CHJ may, when tour operational costs have risen owing to factors as stipulated in Article 12 above, revise the tour fare accordingly, except when substitutions are required because of a shortage of such facilities, as transport seats, hotel rooms, etc.

13.4 If CHJ specifies that tour fares are dependent on the number of participants and there is a change in the number of the participants due to reasons beyond CHJ's responsibility, CHJ shall change the tour fare within the allowable range specified in the tour contract.

14. Change of Tour Participants

A client who has entered into a Travel Contract may, with CHJ consent, transfer the status in the contract to a third party. In this case, the clients shall enter the required information in the form provided by CHJ and submit it together with JPY10,000 as the handling fee.
The transfer of status in the contract to a third party as stipulated in above of this Article shall become valid by the consent of CHJ.
However, CHJ may reject a change in the name of travellers if transportation or accommodation operator does not accept the change or for any other reason.

15. Cancellation of Travel Contract by the Client

15.1 Before departure

I. The client is at all times entitled to cancel the Travel Contract within the business hours of the office, but must pay CHJ a cancellation charge as stipulated in Article 15 below.

(As the cancellation charge may differ depending on the application date, the client is advised to always confirm by himself/herself the business day, business hours, contact information, etc of CHJ)

II. If the Travel Contract is cancelled due to any reason related to passport, visa or other overseas travel procedures and several loan procedures, the payment of the cancellation charge will be required.

Cancellation date of Tour Contract Tour starting on the specified date (Please Refer to Note 1) Tour starting on the unspecified date
From 40 days to 31 days prior to the starting date of the tour 10% of the tour fare No Charge
From 30 days to 3 days prior to the starting date of the tour 20% of the tour fare
From 2 days to prior to the starting date of the tour 50% of the tour fare
After day of departure, or in case of failure to show without notice 100% of the tour fare

(Note1) Specified date: 27April-06May, 20July-31August and 20December-07January

III. In any of the following cases, the client may cancel the Travel Contract without paying a cancellation charge.

  1. When the contents of the Travel Contract have been substantially revised. However, changes shall be limited to the cases listed in the left side of the table in Article 24 and other important circumstances.
  2. When the tour fare is increased in accordance with the provisions of Article 13-1.
  3. In cases where natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodation and other facilities, governmental orders, or other causes make safe, smooth tour operation impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe the tour cannot continue.
  4. When CHJ has not delivered the Final Tour Itinerary to the client by the prescribed date.
  5. When tour operation becomes impossible owing to factors for which CHJ is liable.

IV. CHJ shall refund the remaining amount of the received tour fare (deposit) after deducting cancellation charges. If the tour deposit is not enough to cover the cancellation charge, CHJ shall charge the difference separately. When the tour contract is cancelled due to the reasons specified in Article 15-1, CHJ shall make the full refund of the received tour fare (deposit).

15.2 After departure

  1. When the client leaves the tour group for personal reasons, CHJ will consider it a forfeiture of contracted rights and claims to any refund.
  2. If certain services cannot be provided as promised in the Travel Contract for reasons beyond client responsibility, relevant portions of the contract may be canceled, with an appropriate refund deducted from the total tour fare.

16. Cancellation of Travel Contracts and Tour Operation by CHJ

16.1 Before departure

  1. If the client has not paid the tour fare by the prescribed date, CHJ may cancel the Travel Contract. In such cases, the clients shall pay CHJ the applicable cancellation charge.
  2. In any of the following cases, CHJ may cancel the Travel Contract.
    1. When it becomes evident that the client does not satisfy the sex, age, qualification, skill or other requirements specified by CHJ for participation in the tour.
    2. When the client is recognized as unfit to join the tour owing to illness or for other reasons.
    3. When there is evidence that the client threatens to cause other participants embarrassment or inconvenience, or might otherwise interfere with the smooth performance of the collective activities of the tour.
    4. When the client demands things that are beyond the reasonable scope of the details in the contract.
    5. When the minimum number of participants as stipulated by CHJ in the Travel Contract has not been met. In such cases, CHJ shall notify the client of tour cancellation no later than 23th day (33th day for 27April-06May, 20July-31August and 20December-07January) prior to the eve of departure.
    6. When the necessary conditions as clearly stated at the conclusion of the Travel Contract cannot materialize, such as insufficient snowfall for ski tours, or when there is valid reason to believe that the required conditions cannot be met.
    7. In the event of a natural calamity or disaster, poor weather conditions, civil disturbance, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodations, etc., governmental orders, or other circumstances beyond CHJ control, and when safe, and smooth tour operation according to the itinerary specified in the Travel Contract has become impossible, or there is a valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue.
  3. When CHJ cancels the Travel Contract in accordance with Paragraph 1. hereinabove, it shall refund payment after deducting the specified penalties from said payment or from the deposit received from the client. When CHJ cancels a tour in conformity with Paragraph 2. hereinabove, it shall return the full amount of the tour fare (or deposit) received from the client.

16.2 After departure

  1. CHJ may cancel the Travel Contract for tours after the departure date in the following cases.
    1. When the client is unable to continue the tour owing to illness or other factors.
    2. When the client seems to disturb the order of collective activities of tour participants by negligence of instruction from tour conductor or violent deeds or menace towards these people or those accompanying them, which otherwise jeopardizes safety, smooth tour operation.
    3. When the tour cannot continue owing to natural disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, labor disputes, suspension of services by transportation or accommodation facilities, governmental orders, or other causes beyond CHJ control.
  2. Effect of cancellation and refund:
    If CHJ cancels the Travel Contract in accordance with Paragraph 1. hereinabove, travel services rendered to the client shall be deemed as having been completed, and a refund from the tour fare shall be paid for services not yet rendered. In cases where travel services are not rendered owing to tour cessation, or services for which CHJ has paid, (or will pay) expenses, cancellation charge, penalty, or etc., CHJ will refund only the balance thereof.
  3. When CHJ cancels the Travel Contract for tours in accordance with Paragraph 1 (a) and (C). hereinabove, CHJ shall, at the client's expense, make necessary arrangements as requested for return to point of departure.
  4. If CHJ cancels the Travel Contract under the provision of paragraph 1, the contractual relationship between CHJ and the client will cease to exist from that time forward and will not have retroactive effect. Therefore, it will be deemed that CHJ has effectively performed its obligation for Travel Services already provided to the customer.

17. Refund of Travel Costs

17.1 Should CHJ incur any liability to make a refund to a client in case such as the tour fare reduction in accordance with Article 13, and if either the client or CHJ has canceled the Travel Contract in accordance with Articles 15 and 16, CHJ shall make said refund within the 7th day from the next day of cancellation, when effecting refund before tour departure, and within 30 days counting from the day after the tour ends, as stipulated in the contract in case of reduction or cancellation after tour departure. However, should there be any expenses as cancellation charges, penalties, etc. which CHJ has already paid or will have to pay for services not provided because of tour cancellation, said expenses shall be borne by the client.

17.2 The provisions of paragraph 1 of this Section will not prevent the clients or CHJ from exercising its right to claim damage liability under Article 20 (CHJ's Liability) or Article 22 (Client's Liability).

18. Itinerary Management

CHJ shall make efforts to ensure the client travels safe and smooth and shall not provide the services listed below for the client, except when CHJ and the client have concluded the special contract to provide such services.

18.1 When CHJ confirms that the client may be not able to receive the specified tour services during the tour, CHJ shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the client will receive tour service as specified in the Travel Contract.

18.2 When CHJ must change details of the contract even after taking measures for unforeseen changes as specified in (1), CHJ shall arrange alternative services. CHJ shall make every effort to create a revised tour itinerary to serve the purpose of the original one.

19. Tour conductors

19.1 Contract document which specify "to be escorted by tour conductors" will provide such accompaniment as a general rule.

19.2 A tour conductor or local guide of destination shall ensure the safety of clients and smooth operation of the tour as stipulated in the Travel Contract. Clients shall obey the instructions of the tour conductor/local guide of destination so that the tour can unfold safely and smoothly.

19.3 For travel without a tour conductor, the local contact information of CHJ will be specified in the final tour itinerary.
Hours during which the tour conductor renders services shall, in principle, be from 08:00 to 20:00.

20. Liability of CHJ and Exemptions

20.1 In performing its obligations under the terms of its Tour Contract, should CHJ cause damage to the client through willful negligence or fault, CHJ shall be liable for such damages. However, this only applies if the damage report is made within 2 years reckoned from the day following the occurrence of the damage.

20.2 CHJ shall not be liable for damages incurred by clients as stipulated in Provision 1. hereinabove if any of the following reasons apply:

  1. Natural disaster, war, civil unrest, and alteration or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such causes.
  2. Accidents during transportation or accommodations, damage by fire.
  3. Cessation of services related to transportation or accommodation facilities, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
  4. Orders of either Japanese or foreign governments, immigration regulations, isolation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
  5. Accidents occurring during the client's free activities.
  6. Food poisoning.
  7. Theft.
  8. Delays, stoppages, changes of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alterations and/or shortened stays at destinations owing to such causes.

20.3 CHJ shall compensate for damage to baggage as stated above, provided that said damage is reported within 14 days counting from the day after the occurrence, up to a maximum of JPY150,000 per person. Not applicable when damage is caused intentionally by CHJ or through serious negligence.

21. Special Indemnifications

21.1 In accordance with the CHJ Organized Tour Contract, CHJ shall pay compensation, or provide condolence money to the client in the event of death (JPY25,000,000) or significant bodily harm (JPY40,000 to JPY400,000) and/or pay compensation money for damage to baggage (within the limits of JPY150,000 per Traveler), which is either coincidental with or due to extenuating circumstances encountered during the Organized Tour, regardless of CHJ's responsibility as stipulated in 1. of Article 20.

21.2 CHJ shall not pay compensation or provide condolence money as stipulated in 1. of this Article when damages result from the client's willful negligence, driving while intoxicated and/or illness. The same restriction applies should the client engage in such dangerous sports and activities as skydiving, luge, bobsledding, hang-gliding (motor-driven or otherwise), giro-planing, mountain climbing (using such specialized tools as picks), go-carting, snow-mobile, and others not included in the Organized Tour and engaged in during a client's free time.

21.3 Except for articles listed as exempted from CHJ responsibility as specified in CHJ terms and conditions, the following items are also exempted from CHJ responsibility. Jewelry/precious metals (excluding those used for practical every day use such as wrist watches and glasses), personal computers/word processors and accessories, data and similar items, drivers licenses, visas, deposit receipts (including bankbooks and bank cards) and similar articles, and equipment for windsurfing, scuba diving, surfing or similar sports.

21.4 In case CHJ incurs both the duty to pay compensation as stipulated in 1. of this Article and to indemnify client for damages in accordance with Article 20, both shall be regarded as "already executed" within their amount limits when any one of the above duties is satisfied.

22. Liability of Client

22.1 CHJ shall require the client to indemnify CHJ for losses sustained owing to a client's willful negligence, fault, conduct against public order and good manners, or breach of provisions in the CHJ Organized Tour Contract.

22.2 The client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from CHJ and to understand the details of his/her rights/responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.

22. Liability of Client

22.1 CHJ shall require the client to indemnify CHJ for losses sustained owing to a client's willful negligence, fault, conduct against public order and good manners, or breach of provisions in the CHJ Organized Tour Contract.

22.2 The client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from CHJ and to understand the details of his/her rights/responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.

23. Optional Tour or Provision of Information

23.1 The application of Article 21 to an optional tour, which is planned and implemented by CHJ for the client participating in the Agent-Organized travel of CHJ upon receipt of a separate tour fare, will be treated as a part of the primary tour contract. Optional tours planned and implemented by CHJ will be expressly indicated in the Brochures.

23.2 In the case when it is expressly indicated in the Brochures that the planner of the optional tour is a local subsidiary other than CHJ, CHJ will pay the compensation for damage which is stipulated in Article 21 and sustained by the client while participating in the optional tour in accordance with said Article. However, the planner's liability and the client's liability relating to the implementation of the optional tour will be in accordance with the rules set by the local subsidiary and the planner responsible for the optional tour.

23.3 If there is any description of available sports, etc. in the Brochures as “only as a provision of information”, CHJ will expressly indicate that effect. In this case, the provisions of Article 21 will apply to the damage sustained by the client while participating in such available sports, etc. and CHJ will not be responsible for any other damage.

24. Itinerary Booking Guarantee

24.1 Should major changes occur in Travel Contract contents as stated in the lefthand column of the following table (except for changes mentioned in the (I) through (IV) below, CHJ shall calculate the change compensation money by multiplying tour fares by the rate indicated in the righthand column of the table, and make refund to the client within 30 days counting from the day after the tour ends. However, if it is evident that liability as set forth in (1) of Article 20 occurs owing to said changes, CHJ shall pay the amount not as compensation for changes but as either a portion or total amount of indemnification for damages.

  1. CHJ shall not pay compensation for changes when they occur for the following reasons (however, compensation shall be paid in the event of shortage, even when services are provided, such as for seats, rooms and other facilities).
    1. Bad weather and natural disasters which hinder the tour itinerary.
    2. War.
    3. Civil unrest.
    4. Governmental orders.
    5. Suspension of services involving transportation, accommodations, etc., such as cancellation, interruption, cessation, etc.
    6. Provision of transport services different from the original schedule, owing to delays or changes in operation schedules.
    7. Necessary measures to prevent tour participant death or bodily harm.
  2. Should cancellation in the Tour Contract be made in accordance with Articles 15 and 16, and should changes occur in such canceled portions, CHJ shall not pay compensation.
  3. Even if major changes occur in Tour Contract contents, as stated in the lefthand column of the following table, CHJ shall not pay compensation if they are changes in the Final Tour Itinerary, and the changes are within the scope of services stated in tour brochures.
  4. CHJ shall not provide compensation when the order in which tour services are provided change from those originally stipulated when all services are provided during the tour.

24.2 Regardless of Item (1). hereinabove, the maximum amount of compensation for changes paid by CHJ under one organized Tour Contract shall be the tour fare multiplied by 15%. This money will not be paid, however, if the total amount is less than JPY1,000.

24.3 When the situation warrants, CHJ shall indemnify the client by offering economic benefits equivalent to compensation money, or damage indemnification instead of cash payment, if the client so agrees.

If, after CHJ has compensated for changes made in accordance with Provision 1. hereinabove, it becomes evident that CHJ is responsible for the changes as stated in Article 20, Provision 1., CHJ shall pay the client for the damages mentioned in Article 20 after deducting the sum already paid under the terms of Provision 1. hereinabove.

CHANGES FOR WHICH CHJ SHALL PAY COMPENSATION Amount of compensation for changes - Tour fare times the following percentage per incident
If the client is notified by the day prior to start of tour If the client is notified after start of tour
(1) Change in tour departure or termination date specified in tour brochures 1.5% 3.0%
(2) Changes in destination or entry to tourist spots and/or facilities (including restaurants) stated in tour brochures 1.0% 2.0%
(3) Changes in grade or equipment of transport facilities as stated in tour brochures to those of lower cost (only when the total price after change becomes less than stated in the Tour Contract.) 1.0% 2.0%
(4) Changes in transport vehicles or of the company operating them as stated in Tour brochures 1.0% 2.0%
(5) Change of flight using a different starting airport or finishing airport in Japan as indicated in tour brochures 1.0% 2.0%
(6) Change of a direct flight between Japan and foreign country as indicated in tour brochures to a connecting flight or an indirect flight 1.0% 2.0%
(7) Change in accommodation facilities or the name of the company operating them as stated in tour brochures 1.0% 2.0%
(8) Change in type of rooms at accommodations, etc., their facilities, or view as stated in tour brochures 1.0% 2.0%
(9) Regarding changes in items (1) through (8), above as relating to the tour title in brochures, these rates shall apply instead of those for the above items 2.5% 5.0%

(Note1) "One lncident" represents one train ride, one automobile ride or one ship ride in case of transportation; one overnight stay in case of accommodations; and one change in each of the applicable items involving other services.

(Note2) If multiple changes as stated in (4), (7) and (8) above occur during one train, automobile or ship ride, or one overnight stay, they will be regarded as a single alteration.

(Note3) The rate as indicated in items (1) to (8) above will not apply to the change indicated in item (9) above.

25. Correspondence Contract

When we receive an application from a credit cardholder (hereinafter referred to as a "member") of a credit company we deal with, based on the conditions of "receiving payment of travel charges, cancellation fees, etc., without the signature of the member "(hereinafter referred to as a correspondence contract), the travel conditions are different from the ordinary travel conditions in the following points:

25.1 A contract shall be based on "travel business-related stipulations that are used for conclusion of a travel contract by Correspondence means contract.".

25.2 A "card usage date" shall be the day of payment or repayment of travel charge, etc. The card usage date for travel charges shall be the "date when a contract is concluded.".

25.3 A contract shall be concluded at the time when we consent in the case of application by telephone, and when we issue a notification of our consent in the case of other communications means. At the time of application, information of the "member number, card expiration date," etc., shall be provided.

25.4 The card usage date for cancellations fees shall be "the day cancellation of a contract is requested(when a request for cancellation is made on or after the card usage date for travel charges, repayment shall be made within seven days from the day after the request.".

25.5 When payment cannot be made using the credit card due to a credit reason, etc., we shall cancel the Correspondence Contract, and be entitled to the same amount as the cancellation fees mentioned in the Article 15-(I)-(1), as payment for damage caused by a breach of contract. However, this shall not apply if travel charges are paid in cash by a date we designate separately.

26. Privacy Policies

26.1 As the client's name, age, date of birth, home telephone number, e-mail address, home address, and place of employment written on the booking form for the travel constitute personal information, the Company and its subcontracting travel agents (hereinafter referred to as "the Company and Subcontractors") observe applicable laws and regulations concerning protection of personal and private information and enforce a strict company policy to properly manage, use, and protect the client's personal information.

26.2 The Company and its Subcontractors use the client's provided personal information only to the extent necessary for arranging transportation, lodging, and other services pertaining to the travel. Furthermore, the Company and the local place of sojourn to providers of the travel service via electronic communication means. Other than the above, for the purpose of providing the client with more satisfactory travel service in the future, the client's personal information may be used to inform the client of new travel services, request that the client fill in a questionnaire, ask for the client's comments on a travel he/she taken, or compile statistical materials.

26.3 When the company outsource partial part of the course such as tour conductor service, airport counter work, storing or abolishing work and need to give either partial or all of the personal information given by the client to the Subcontractors, the Company will select upon their liability to give information, and protect the client's personal information.

Any questions or comments on personal information should be directed to one of the Company's customer-service centers at the following telephone numbers:
Cathay Pacific Holidays Japan Ltd. (CHJ) 03-6746-1200

27. Standard of Tour Conditions and Fares

All the tour fares are effective from 01 July, 2014 unless otherwise specified in the tour description.

28. Others

28.1 The client shall pay the expenses incurred when he or she asks for the personal accompaniment of a tour conductor for such purposes as guiding shopping, etc., costs arising from client injury or illness, the return of lost baggage or articles left behind owing to personal negligence, as well as changes incurred by independent activity.

28.2 The client shall accept all responsibility for decisions regarding individual purchases at souvenir shops even when said shops are introduced by CHJ or its local tour operators.

28.3 In any event, CHJ will never re-implement the tour.

28.4 Clients 12 years of age or more shall be charged adult fare and those aged 3 to 11 shall be charged child fare unless otherwise specified. Clients under 2 years of age which receive no services such as seats, meals or bed shall be charged infant fare.

28.5 For tour starting and finishing in Japan, from the time of departure (meeting) at starting airport indicated in itinerary for each course and to the time of return (going home) to the same airport.

28.6 In the case when the distance, which is within Japan and is from a domestic airport to the starting and finishing airport as specified in (5), is traveled by standard fare or with an additional charge, etc. indicated in the Brochures, it will not be covered by the Travel Contract.

28.7 The name (spelling) of the applicant in the application form must be identical to that indicated in the passport to be used in the travel. If the client's name (spelling) is mistakenly written in the application form, the re-issuance of airline ticket, request of modification of the name to the related organizations, etc. will be necessary and the prescribed cancellation charge will be required. In addition, if the modification of name is not allowed due to any circumstance in transportation or accommodation facilities, the Travel Contract may be cancelled and the prescribed cancellation charge may be required.