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Japan : Endless Discovery

Endless discovery in every sense. From tradition to history, culinary delights to unique culture and incredible natural wonders, Japan is a country to experience. Whether your visit would be brief or long, every moment will be devoted to discovery. Fly with us to one of five cities and discover not only a new culture, but also yourself.

Tokyo : 東京

Where tradition meets the future


A city that needs no introduction. Its futuristic landscape of skyscrapers and its rich heritage and traditions are as well known to the outside world as its fresh sushi.



The best of Tokyo and its surroundings

  • Shibuya : Where Tokyo meets fashion

    Where Tokyo meets fashion. The centre of fashion and culture, Shibuya is known as the birthplace of many of Japan's most iconic fashion and entertainment trends.

  • Asakusa : Where Tokyo meets tradition

    Where Tokyo meets tradition. Asakusa welcomes you to old Tokyo: there is much to explore here, including the Sensoji Temple. Before leaving Asakusa, go back in time and stroll along the streets filled with locals wearing traditional kimonos.

  • Tokyo Tower : Where Tokyo meets you

    Where Tokyo meets the future and you. Discover the world's largest city from above and take a moment to admire the view it offers visitors from all over the world. The Tokyo Tower is definitely a must-see during your visit.

Osaka : 大阪

Where flavours meet

A city known for its neon-lit streets, endless entertainment and rich history. Osaka is not only a modern and eclectic city, but a combination of the region's natural beauty, the warmth of its people and its rich gastronomic offerings.


The best of Osaka and its surroundings

  • Tenjin Festival

    Where Osaka meets the festival. The Osaka Tenjin Festival is considered one of the three major festivals in Japan.  The Tenjin Festival began in the 10th century and has been celebrated every year until today. The festival starts in Osaka and leads to its river, surrounded by a tide of fireworks at dusk. If you ever go to Osaka, be sure to attend the Tenjin Festival.

  • Escape to nature: Minoh

    Where Osaka meets nature. Although Osaka is known for its neon-lit streets, shopping and more, it is also home to nature lovers: Minoh Park, located along the historic city of Minoh, is an escape into nature amidst all that an urban city has to offer. 

  • Osaka Castle

    Where Osaka meets history. Built in the 14th century, Osaka Castle played a symbolic role in the unification of Japan and has stood the test of time to symbolise unity for locals and tourists from around the world. The colossal size of the castle, also known as 'Osaka-jo', and its sheer beauty are to be appreciated in person.

Nagoya :  名古屋

Where cultural heritage meets innovation


The industrial capital of Japan, Nagoya is rich in history and a culture of innovation. Located in central Japan, Nagoya boasts a long and exciting history. Japan's second most revered shrine, the Great Atsuta Shrine, was founded here 1,900 years ago and houses the legendary Kusanagi Sword, one of the nation's Three Sacred Imperial Treasures.


The Best of Nagoya and Surroundings

  • Shirotori Garden

    Where Nagoya meets tradition. The Shirotori Garden, a tranquil and serene traditional Japanese garden, offers guests a taste of ancient Japan. The graceful design of Shirotori Garden adapts gracefully to each season, offering new glimpses with every visit.

  • Nagoya Castle

    Where Nagoya meets history. Built in the 15th century, Nagoya Castle holds a special place in the hearts of locals, so much so that it has been officially named a national treasure. Built within the confines of the Hommaru Palace, the area resonates with the majesty of traditional Japanese architecture. Step back in time and appreciate old Japan by visiting all it has to offer.

  • Savour the local meshi in Nagoya

    Where Nagoya meets taste. Enjoyed by locals at home and in restaurants, Nagoya Meshi has gained popularity throughout Japan. These include Miso-Katsu (fried pork cutlets covered in a rich miso sauce), Tebasaki (spicy Nagoya fried chicken wings), Hitsumabushi (grilled eel served on rice and enjoyed three different ways with various toppings) and much more. There is no better place to discover new flavours than here.

Fukuoka : 福岡市

Where culture meets beauty


A crossroads of cultures, cultivating diversity and cosmopolitan urban life. Fukuoka extends a warm welcome to those near and far. It is the place where tradition coexists with the contemporary and city life grows in harmony with the natural beauty of the region in which it resides.


The best of Fukuoka and its surroundings

  • Festival di Hojoya

    Where Fukuoka meets tradition. Every year, Fukuoka celebrates the Hojoya Festival, known as the 'celebration of life'.  On a one-kilometre stretch you will find a wide range of pop-up stalls, street food and tradition. The festival is attended by over 1.5 million visitors from all over Japan - why not experience it for yourself?

  • Discover the essence of Japanese green tea

    Where Fukuoka meets comfort. Discover green tea at the 'Tea Museum' in Hoshinomura and taste Japan's most famous green tea, Yame Gyokuro, prepared in its traditional method, accompanied by local delicacies.  Grind matcha tea powder, roast tea leaves and learn the secrets of preparing the perfect cup of tea. We are sure you will leave with a new love for Japanese tea.

  • Yatai of Fukuoka

    Where Fukuoka meets flavour. Yatai (street food stalls) are a Fukuoka staple and provide a warm welcome to the region's rich culinary culture. These small, compact restaurants usually offer limited seating and it is customary not to linger too long. Discover the flavours of Fukuoka during your adventure in Japan.

Sapporo: 札幌

Where nature meets serenity


Lush with greenery in summer and a snowy paradise in winter, Sapporo is always full of new discoveries. From outdoor adventures to the myriad of culinary delights, shopping and unique cultural and artistic experiences befitting a large urban centre, every visit to this northern capital is an unforgettable experience.


The best of Sapporo and its surroundings

  • Walk to Buddha Hill

    Where Sapporo meets experience. Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, in one hall, this photogenic Buddha statue exudes spirituality. In keeping with Ando's mentality that 'our imagination is stimulated by what we cannot see', only the head is visible from afar, prompting you to spend your visit to the site imagining what the rest might look like. Surrounded by a water garden, it is definitely an opportunity to reflect and feel at peace in the midst of your adventures in Sapporo.

  • Skiing

    Where Sapporo meets skiing. If your European ski trips seem a little less adventurous, Sapporo has the answer for you. Home to renowned Japanese ski resorts, tourists and locals alike are spoilt for choice for beginners and those looking for a challenge.

  • Visit the Hokkaido Shrine

    Where Sapporo meets heritage. One of the best places to admire the cherry blossom in northern Japan is said to be the Hokkaido Shrine, which is also the resting place of four deities. The shrine was inaugurated with the inclusion of Shinto deities in 1869 at the behest of Emperor Meiji to protect the development of Hokkaido, and due to its presence as the guardian of Hokkaido, it continues to attract visitors from all regions: there is no better suggestion to go to a place in Sapporo where the Japanese also visit.

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