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How can I shop with Cathay Pacific?

  1. Select your desired language and product delivery location – a pop-up window will be shown when you visit the Cathay Pacific shop
  2. Add your preferred products and quantities to the shopping cart
  3. Review your shopping cart. You can use a mix of Asia Miles and cash payment when booking on our site, with Miles Plus Cash.
  4. Click ‘Go to checkout’
  5. Choose the delivery option and enter/edit your details. If the product is delivered via email, make sure you have correctly entered your email address
  6. Click ‘Verify’ to obtain a one-time-password and proceed to the ‘Member verification’ page
  7. Input the one-time-password after receiving the verification code, then click ‘Verify and proceed’
  8. You will be directed to the payment page, choose your payment method and enter your payment information
  9. Upon successfully completing the transaction, you will be redirected to the ‘Order summary’ page