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Why are there two systems in my account? How will I know how many Miles are outstanding and when will the Miles expire under the two systems?

  • We hope to enhance members’ experience while minimising any disruption brought by the new arrangement and there will be a transitional arrangement.
  • There are two ways to keep track of your Miles expiry status.
  • One is via the monthly statement which is sent to your registered email every month.
  • Another way to keep track is to log into your account via Cathay website or mobile apps.
  • Once you log into your account, you’ll find the Miles placed under two systems – the time-based system and the new activity-based system.
  • For Miles under the time-based system, an expiration date will be shown so you can keep track of the Miles’ due date.
  • For Miles placed under the new activity-based system, you will only find the last Miles crediting or debiting date. You can keep track of the expiration date of the Miles in the activity-based system by adding 18 months to the last crediting or debiting date.