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Google Now is a personal travel assistant via the Google Search app through the relevant Android and iOS devices. It brings passengers the right information at just the right time whenever they need based on the location, preference, schedules, etc.

Various useful information will automatically be organised into simple cards that appear on this service. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon adopt this latest technology to provide our passengers with all the flight reminders, upcoming flight status, terminal/gate number, local weather and traffic condition via the Google Now notification.

Passengers who book flight on with their Gmail address, Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles members who have subscribed to our notiFLY Pre-flight reminder and non members who entered their Gmail address in their booking record at least 48 hours before departure.

To use this feature, a Gmail address is required with an iPhone, iPad or Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) devices.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, download the Google Search app from App Store. If you use an Android device, Google Search is already pre-installed.

For iOS devices, click the gear and turn on the Google Now in Google Search. For Android devices, go to Google Setting, then click “Search & Now” and toggle Google Now to “ON”.

The Google Now notification will show up 24 hours before flight departure.

If your booking is made on within 24 hours before departure, Google Now notification will show up accordingly once you receive our booking confirmation email via Gmail address.

The real time flight status will be shown around 6 hours before flight departure. Any changes on the departure and arrival time will also be updated automatically once internet connection is available.

Yes, real-time flight status is available while Google Now retrieves the latest flight departure, arrival time, gate number or terminal number from Google Search with a third-party data source. Any change on departure or arrival time, or flight cancellation will also be stated on the Google Now notification.

There could be a few reasons:

Your booking is not made on, make sure you have stated your membership number during the reservation and subscribe to notiFLY Pre-flight reminder in your member profile;

You are not our member yet, please provide us your Gmail address at least 48 hours before flight departure via Manage Booking or your travel agent;

Your device is not connected to the Internet, for Android devices, please also enable Data Sync.

If your booking is not made on within 48 hours before flight departure, Google Now notification will not show up.

If there is any booking change within 48 hours such as change of travelling date, booking cancelation, Google Now notification will reflect the change of flight status.

No. Any information displayed on Google Now notification cannot be used as Mobile Boarding Pass for security, immigration or boarding flights. To obtain your Mobile Boarding Pass, download it from the CX Mobile app after you checked in.

No. It provides the necessary information or reference in one single place that provides any travel information. It cannot serve as a booking confirmation if there is any last minute change to the booking.

One Google Now notification will be displayed per device. Each notification corresponds to one flight segment only.