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To optimise our supply chain, our new Cathay source-to-pay project aims to digitise our purchase and invoicing systems by providing you with the Ariba Network. Our goal is to streamline our process and provide you access to the right tools needed for efficient and effective supply management.

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Our main objectives 

Introducing a fully digitised purchase and invoicing process transforms the way we work with you. We’re able to simplify processing, improve efficiencies, eliminate the risks of human errors and reduce our carbon footprint as we lead the way for a sustainable future.

Centralised invoice management

Centralised invoice management

  • Automate invoice processing with enhanced, in-built workflows and analytic functionalities. 

  • Integrate three-way data matching from multiple purchase platforms with SAP S/4HANA for further verification and alignment.

  • Improve and eliminate any risk of invoice discrepancy or exception handling during approval processes.

NO PO – no pay

NO PO – no pay

  • Ensure best practice for purchase requisitioning. 
  • Provide a legally binding document to build trust and ensure both parties deliver on agreed terms. 
  • Manage spend visibility and control by strictly requiring contracts and purchase orders prior to releasing payments.  
  • Establish processes to automate contract term compliance.