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Fill our new invisible shopping bag with eco-friendly purchases

fuel efficiency improvement

At Cathay, we take sustainable development seriously, and we’re constantly searching for ways to cut down on waste and reduce our carbon footprint. In line with our commitment to halve our use of disposable plastics by the end of 2022, we’re proud to announce we've started to use the #INVISIBLEBAG for a range of products available when you shop with Cathay.

Made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), starch, glycerin and water, the #INVISIBLEBAG doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff other single-use plastic bags do, such as PP, PE, PS or PVC plastic. 

Instead, this biodegradable plastic alternative dissolves in water, without leaving any harmful residue or microplastics behind – meaning you can feel even better about the premium products you purchase from Cathay. 

Ready for a greener shopping experience? Here, we list some of the most eco-friendly products available when you shop with Cathay – and how to properly dispose of your #INVISIBLEBAG once your products have arrived (environmentally) safely. Plus, if you shop using Asia Miles, you won’t leave a trace on your bank account either.

Top eco-friendly picks when you shop with Cathay 

Terraillon Eco kitchen scales
These environmentally friendly kitchen scales operate without batteries

Portable power generator
Get clean solar-powered energy with this portable energy device – the perfect accompaniment for camping 

Sisley – Ecological compound
Protect yourself from pollution with this moisturising treatment made from plant extracts

How to dissolve your #INVISIBLEBAG: 

1) Remove the adhesive tape and waybill 

2) Cut the #INVISIBLEBAG into smaller pieces 

3) Place the bag in a container and pour hot water (over 80°C) on top 

4) Stir it and it should dissolve within minutes 

5) Pour the liquid down the drain or flush it