Cigna DIY Health Plan

Customised to suit your needs, the Cigna DIY Health Plan gives you the flexibility to choose when, where and how you would like to be covered.

Plan benefits

Tailor your health insurance according to your unique needs.

Pick your own health protection
6 valuable benefits, including dental, core outpatient, cancer and more
More than 50 unique cover combinations
Affordable premium with all the protection you need
For as low as HKD7.5 per day*, you can protect yourself from unexpected medical costs
Supplement your overall medical plan
*Premium is calculated based on a male, aged 27, selecting Dental Benefit plan 1 and Cancer Benefit plan 1
Expansive clinic network
Simply present your digital Cigna medical card on your smartphone at network doctors, no claim submission required
Simple online application
Get a tailored plan in just a few clicks
Embark on an elevated wellness journey with the Cathay app – and earn up to 5 times more Asia Miles
Most benefits do not require a health declaration
Coverage details

This product is a standalone individual insurance plan in which the major benefits aim to provide a mix of outpatient medical, cancer and accidental protection chosen by the customer. It is an insurance policy without cash value. This product provides a protection period of 1 year and is renewable until the person insured reaches 75 years of age, with a payment term until the end of protection period. The premium rate will increase with age, and is yearly adjustable.

You can design your own health insurance plan based on your needs or add on to your existing group medical plan for extra protection. Choose from the following:

Core Outpatient Benefit
General practitioner or specialist consultation
Chinese medicine practitioner consultation
Outpatient Surgery Benefit
Day-patient or clinical surgery
Supplementary Outpatient Benefit
Includes six types of therapy: acupuncture, Chinese bone-setting, chiropractor consultation, occupational therapy, dietetic guidance and speech therapy
Dental Benefit
Regular check-ups, including oral examination, scaling and polishing
Oral treatment and emergencies
Cancer Benefit
Benefit for cancer diagnosis
Early-stage malignancy and carcinoma-in-situ (CIS) Benefit
Vision Benefit
Comprehensive eye exam and a full written report or refraction eye exam
Choose either allowance option for glasses or contact lenses


1For any combination with Dental or Vision Benefits, at least two benefits must be chosen.
2For any combination including Core Outpatient, Supplementary Outpatient, Dental or Vision Benefits, premium payments can only be made annually.

Illustrations for the Cigna DIY Health Plan
Supplement group medical plan
Miss Chan
40 years old, non-smoker

Miss Chan is covered by her employer’s medical insurance. In the past, she hadn’t thought about purchasing extra health insurance to supplement her group medical plan, as her employer’s plan already provides comprehensive hospitalisation cover. She is health conscious and believes she manages her health well.

However, stepping into her 40s, she realises she may just need to enhance her insurance coverage. On top of her employer’s group plan, she finds the Cigna DIY Health Plan a flexible option to give herself extra protection.

Benefit Items
First year premium (non-smoker)
Lump-sum Benefit
Cancer Benefit - Plan 3
Preventive Benefit
Dental Benefit - Plan 2
Vision Benefit
HKD9,252 x 80%
= HKD7,402
24 years old, non-smoker

Cindy graduated from university 2 years ago and is planning to buy some insurance cover for herself. She’s still young, so it’s not necessary for her to have too much protection. She also has a limited budget but she’s starting to understand the importance of health insurance. Having shopped around online, she finds the Cigna DIY Health Plan an affordable option to cover a range of health expenses.

Benefit Items
First year premium (non-smoker)
Core Outpatient Benfit
Outpatient Surgery Benfit
Cancer Benfit - Plan 1
HKD6,301 x 80%
= HKD5,041
Benefits of purchasing Cigna medical insurance plans with us
Earn Asia Miles
It’s the only medical insurance that rewards you with Asia Miles.
Get extra wellness rewards
Embark on an elevated wellness journey with the Cathay app – and earn up to 5 times more Asia Miles.
Reliable coverage
Cigna is a global health service provider with a global network of healthcare providers, clinics and facilities.
How to purchase your plan
Get your free quote online
Submit online application or complete the Schedule a Call form to speak to a Cigna Customer Advisor
Complete payment with a credit card or Cigna Premium Vouchers that can be redeemed with Miles
Product FAQs
What Benefits can I choose from?
You can choose from the following list of benefits:

  • Core Outpatient Benefits
  • Outpatient Surgery Benefits
  • Supplementary Outpatient Benefits
  • Dental Benefits
  • Cancer Benefits
  • Vision Benefits
How is this plan different from traditional medical insurance?
Cigna DIY Health Plan enables you to tailor your health insurance according to your needs. You can customise your protection to close your protection gaps and choose flexibly among Outpatient, Dental, Cancer and Vision Benefits.
Terms and conditions
About the Cathay and Cigna partnership

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (“Cathay”) is an insurance agent (FA3522) appointed by Cigna.

Cigna insurance plans are underwritten by Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited (“Cigna”). Cigna is an authorised insurer regulated by the Insurance Authority to carry out general insurance business in or from the Hong Kong SAR.

Cigna DIY Health Plan terms & conditions

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