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Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan

We are dedicated to improving your health, well-being and peace of mind. Our comprehensive medical and health insurance gives you the best medical coverage worldwide, whether you are looking for yourself or your family.

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Plan benefits

Coverage details


Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan​

A comprehensive worldwide medical and wellness insurance plan for you and your family.

Flexible and comprehensive health coverage

From hospitalization and surgical benefits, to rehabilitation, home nursing, pregnancy support and wellness benefits
Flexible options including the Area of Cover, Accommodation Room Type and Deductibles for your unique needs
Suitable for yourself and the whole family: from 15 days old to 80 years old
Guaranteed renewable policy up to when you turn 100

Much more than the usual medical plan

Enjoy cashless hospitalization arrangements across global network of 7,000+ hospitals upon pre-approval
Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee to fit your need
Stay healthy to enjoy renewal premium discount and be rewarded with extra Asia Miles every three years when there is no claim
Various health checkups for free

Comprehensive global medical assistance

Cigna TeleHealth Service to provide unlimited video or phone medical consultations with registered physicians in over 100 countries and regions worldwide
24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service

1 on 1 personalized health concierge services from Cigna Care Manager

Staffed by passionate registered nurses possessing proven clinical experience of handling complex situations,
Provide personalized solution and emotional support to ensure you receive the best possible care and treatment
Offer everything from pre-treatment preparation to post-hospitalization care, providing continued professional support to you and your family members

Comprehensive protection at a glance

This product is a standalone individual policy that aims to provide hospitalisation & surgical benefits. The policy provides both indemnity and non-indemnity benefits. It does not contain any cash value. The plan provides a protection period of 1 year and is guaranteed renewable up to age 100 of the person insured (subject to availability of the product by Cigna), with a payment period until the end of the protection period. The premium rate will increase with age, and is yearly adjustable.

Flexible choice of the Area of Cover, Accommodation Room Type and Deductible

Extend your cover beyond Asia to the rest of the world (excluding the US or Worldwide)
Room type options include Standard Ward, Semi-Private and Standard Private
Deductible options range from HKD0 - HKD60,000
Issue age from 15 days to 80 years and guaranteed renewable up to age 100

Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee

Not sure about worldwide coverage yet? The Cigna Cathay international health insurance plan allows you to upgrade your policy’s Area of Cover beyond Hong Kong without further underwriting 1 if you are migrating, studying or retiring abroad. Available from just HKD200 per year
Enrolment age from 15 days to 65 years old

Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits

Comprehensive cover for hospital benefits, with full coverage for various medical expenses
As Cathay’s trusted health partner, Cigna’s international medical and health insurance coverage includes room and board, attending doctor's visit fees, specialist's fee, intensive care, surgeon's fee, anaesthetist's fee, operating theatre charges, prescribed diagnostic imaging tests, prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments, psychiatric treatments, rehabilitation benefits, pregnancy complications and other miscellaneous charges
Up to HKD1,500 Hospital Cash and Quarantine Cash per day
Extended benefits cover pre- and post-confinement / day case procedure outpatient care, home nursing, outpatient kidney dialysis, pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum support, accident emergency outpatient treatment, accidental death and wellness benefit

Additional wellness features

Wellness Benefit with an annual body check, spinal assessment and dietitian consultation 2
Annual flu vaccine 3
Discounted vaccinations 3
Embark on an elevated wellness journey with the Cathay app – and be rewarded for every healthy choice you make

Round-the-clock customer service and care

Cashless hospitalisation Service
Care Manager
SOS Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service
24-hour Medical Concierge Hotline
24/7 Cigna Customer Service Chatbot - Chloe

Exclusive features and offers

Enjoy further discounts if you enrol as a family: 10% off for two; 20% off for three; 30% off for four or more members
Earn premium discounts upon renewal through elevated wellness journey
Earn extra Miles if no claims are paid every 3 years


1 Subject to providing proof that a specified event has or is expected to occur
2 Wellness Benefit items are subject to plan level
3 Available within Cigna’s Hong Kong medical network and subject to the service provider’s terms and conditions

Illustrations for the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan

Comprehensive medical protection to Winnie

28 years old, non-smoker
Winnie is a health-conscious lady. She enjoys regular exercise and has a healthy lifestyle. She is aware of medical expenses constantly rising and the trend of critical illness at young ages. At age 28, she enrolled in the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan to have peace of mind on medical expenses. She also values the regular health checks and other health benefits connected with the plan.
Plan level: Worldwide excluding US, Semi-Private, HKD15,000 deductible plan
1st year premium: HKD11,268
Stay active and healthy to earn up to 35 Asia Miles daily with Cathay elevated wellness journey
Renewal Premium Discount up to 10% with Asia Miles earned through Cathay elevated wellness journey
Asia Miles No Claim Reward of HKD4 = 1 Asia Mile of net premium paid in year 3 for having no claims record in 1st to 3rd policy year
Free health check1 every year (worth HKD1,500)
Diagnosis and treatment
At age 32, Winnie and her husband conceived their first baby. Unfortunately, Winnie experienced depression during her pregnancy. Under the premier health insurance plan’s Pregnancy, Prenatal and Postpartum Support benefit, a Care Manager provided Winnie with maternity support and also lined up consultations with a psychologist to help her through her pregnancy journey.

5 years later, though, Winnie underwent the free annual body check-up under the Plan and identified a lump in her left breast. Her doctor ordered a mammogram which after biopsy was diagnosed as breast cancer. She would require hospitalisation, surgery, and post-surgery treatment.

Diagnosis: Stage II Breast Cancer – Left breast ductal carcinoma (~2cm) with left-sided axillary lymph node involvement.
Surgical Operation: left breast mastectomy with axillary lymphadenectomy
Confinement: Semi-Private Room
Pregnancy, Prenatal and Postpartum Support benefit​
Psychological treatment related to pregnancy
HKD800 per visit x 5 visits
Hospital Cash
HKD800 per day x 7 days
Room and Board
HKD2,500 per day x 7 days
Surgeon's Fee
Anaesthetist’s Fee
Attending Doctor’s Visit Fee
HKD2,500 per day x 7 days
Total Sum
After providing Winnie with prompt diagnosis and excellent medical care, a Care Manager also covered the arrangement of home chemotherapy for Winnie after conducting a medical assessment. It avoided travelling time, reduced the risk of infection, and meant Winnie could be treated at home with family support. Eventually, Winnie made a complete recovery. She took time out to celebrate her return to health – and also the great premier health insurance plan that helped her quickly diagnose her illness, pay for the bulk of the treatment and breast reconstruction, and provide recovery follow-up so she could focus on her career and supporting her family.
Post Treatment
Post-Confinement Outpatient Care
HKD1,100 per visit x 2 visits
HKD17,000 per month x 14 months
Targeted therapy
HKD70,000 per month x 10 months
Breast reconstruction​
Total Sum

Coverage from the worldwide medical and health insurance plan, from prevention to recovery, is over HKD 1,000,000 with Extra earnings of Asia Miles
Total premium of 5 year = HK$59,9522


1Health Check includes body check and spinal assessment.
2Total Premium of the 1st to 5th policy years: HK$59,952 = 11,268 + 11,558 + 12,061 + 12,373 + 12,692​
3The premium and medical expenses quoted above are indicative only and the premium may change from time to time at Cigna's discretion.
4Only the charges and / or expenses of the Insured Person on Medically Necessary and Reasonable and Customary basis were covered.

The Chan family with a plan to stay abroad

35 years old, non-smoker
Policyholder: James

Insured Person:
The Chan family (Non-smokers)
James (35 years old),
Kitty (30 years old),
Angela (12 years old)
Plan level:
Asia, Semi-Private, HKD30,000 deductible plan
Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee:
Future Area of Cover = Worldwide excluding the US
1st year premium:
James: HKD7,759 + HKD300 = HKD8,059;
Kitty: HKD6,916 + HKD300 = HKD7,216;
Angela: HKD4,367 + HKD300 = HKD4,667
Total Premium of the family
When James was thinking about enrolling for the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan, he decided it was something that could benefit the whole family. But with one eye on Angela’s future, he also decided to purchase the Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee, which would enable them to change the Area of Cover in the future without the need for further underwriting.
When James was offered a job in London, the family decided to make a permanent move from Hong Kong to the UK where Angela would also continue her studies. The Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan made the move easy for them all with its international health insurance and worldwide medical coverage. With so many other logistics issues to organise when moving country, healthcare was not a top priority, so they were grateful that the Premier Health Plan gave them one less thing to worry about. The family simply upgraded the Area of Cover of all their Plans to Worldwide, excluding the US, using the Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee, giving them the assurance that they would continue to have worldwide health insurance coverage when they moved to the UK.


1The premium quoted above is indicative only and may change from time to time at Cigna's discretion.
2The upgrade takes effect on the Anniversary Date following the request to exercise the right under the Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee.
3The upgrade is subject to submitting proof that a specified event has occurred (namely migrating, studying or retiring in a country or territory outside the Plan’s original Area of Cover).
4The specified event must have occurred 12 months prior to or must be going to occur within 3 months of the relevant Anniversary Date.
5The Deductible of the Plan must remain the same after the upgrade.
6The reimbursement amount of Eligible Expenses may vary due to the Insured Person’s Country of Residence. For details, please refer to the section of “Area of Cover” in the Important Note of the product brochure.

Benefits of purchasing Cigna medical insurance plans with us
Earn Asia Miles
It’s the only medical insurance that rewards you with Asia Miles.
Get extra wellness rewards
Embark on an elevated wellness journey with the Cathay app – and earn up to 5 times more Asia Miles.
Additional Benefits
Every wellness activity you complete on the elevated wellness journey contributes toward a renewal discount. Plus, if you have a high health score, you can enjoy up to a 10% renewal discount.
Earn an additional
HKD4 = 1
on every third-years premium if no claims are paid every 3 years.
Reliable coverage
Cigna is a global health services provider with a presence in over 30 countries/ regions and a global network of more than 1.5 million health care providers, clinics and facilities.
How to purchase your plan
Get your free quote online
Submit an online application or complete the Schedule a Call form to speak to a Cigna Customer Advisor
Complete payment with a credit card or Cigna Premium Vouchers that can be redeemed with Miles
Product FAQs
What’s the area of cover for Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan?
There are 3 Area of Cover options so you can choose the coverage for your Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan. Options include Asia-only (including Australia and New Zealand), worldwide (excluding the US) and worldwide (including the US).
What are the lifetime limits and annual limits for benefits of Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan?
You’re entitled to unlimited lifetime claims on the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan. The annual limit would start over every policy year.

If you choose a Standard Private room as your Accommodation Room Type, the annual limit would be HKD30,000,000. If you a choose Semi-Private room as the Accommodation Room Type, the annual limit would be HKD20,000,000. If you choose a Standard Ward as the accommodation, the annual limit would be HKD10,000,000.
What is deductible?
Cigna will start paying for the covered medical expenses once the deductible amount has been reached. The deductibles will be covered either by you or your other insurance plan(s) (e.g. group medical insurance).

The higher the deductible level, the lower the premium. It’s a way to coordinate the protection with your other insurance plans (including employee coverage) to achieve a lower premium.
Can I add the Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee to my policy later?
You will only be able to add the Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee during the policy application. Once added to your policy, you can downgrade the Future Area of Cover or remove this benefit from your policy at any subsequent Policy Anniversary Date. However, any upgrade of the Future Area of Cover can only be due to a change in the Area of Cover of the Basic Policy.
Can I purchase a policy for my child?
All children under the age of 18 must purchase a policy together with a parent.
Are there any premium discounts available for Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan?
Enjoy a 10% first-year-premium discount when enrolling two family members; a 20% first-year-premium discount for three family members; or a 30% first-year-premium discount for four or more family members. A first-year discount is only eligible for customers who have not cancelled any Cathay Cigna Premier Health Plan policies underwritten by Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited within 12 months prior to the date of submitting the application for Cathay Cigna Premier Health Plan. Applicable discounts are subject to the arrangement upon enrolment.
Would the premium be adjusted upon renewal?
Cigna reserves the right to revise the premium on the anniversary date or upon renewal. Factors leading to a premium adjustment may include but are not limited to our overall experience in claims and expenses incurred by and /or in relation to this product. However, Cigna will not adjust your premium based on your own health status or personal claims record.
How can I earn discounts on my renewal premium?
Embark on an elevated wellness journey on the Cathay app and complete the daily activities to earn Asia Miles and track your health score. The more Asia Miles you earn from activities during the policy year and the higher your health score, the more discount you can enjoy on renewal. Click here to learn more.
How can I use the cashless hospitalisation arrangement?
You need to apply for Guarantee of Payment (GOP) with Cigna before hospitalization. Please have your admission note ready for the application. If you do not arrange a GOP, you can still submit a claim on a reimbursement basis after you are discharged from hospital. You may call the Cigna Cathay Premier 24-hour Hotline at 8100 3209 for further assistance.
Terms and conditions
About the Cathay and Cigna partnership

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (“Cathay”) is an insurance agent (FA3522) appointed by Cigna.

Cigna insurance plans are underwritten by Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited (“Cigna”). Cigna is an authorised insurer regulated by the Insurance Authority to carry out general insurance business in or from the Hong Kong SAR.

Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan terms & conditions

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