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Duty-free preflight order

It is a free service for passengers with a confirmed itinerary to preview the duty-free selection and place orders before flight. Simply browse through the online catalogue, add items to the Shopping Cart, enter flight details, and the ordered goods will be reserved. While onboard our flight attendant will bring passenger the items and collect payment.

Please visit our Preflight Order website, select Customer Service on the left navigation tab, then click on View / Edit Your Order.

If the change is made within the acceptable timeframe (i.e. 2 - 21 days before the departure date of the original flight and new flight) via other channels (CX Reservation, travel agent) the change will be reflected in your Preflight Order. However, we suggest customers to double check flight details under this website to ensure that the delivery flight is one that corresponds to their wish.

Due to space limitation, the maximum number of products for each Preflight Order is 20. The maximum quantity for each product is 20 pieces.

At 48 hours before flight departure, the flight will be closed for uploading of Duty-free items. Once onboard, please inform our cabin crew about your to change your order purchase.

The item may no longer be available at the point of change request, for eg. a de-listed product that is from the previous season. Since we only have limited stock for de-listed items, it is only possible to keep or reduce the confirmed quantity, but not increasing it.

Passengers are welcome to purchase on top of the preflight ordered items while on board. However, due to storage limitation, purchase requests during flight are subject to stock availability. In addition, Preflight Order discount or incentives are not applicable to the additional purchase inflight.

Our new catalogue is published on the 1st day of every quarter.

Yes. Our inflight sales computer (handheld machine) enables cabin crew to make a Preflight Order for your ongoing or return flight