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Mobile boarding pass

Mobile Boarding Pass is an electronic boarding pass displayed on a mobile web page which displays all the flight and customer information necessary to board flights. The QR code has encrypted the data stream and is scanned at the airport.

All customers and their travel companions on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights who have checked in online for flights departing from selected airports can receive a Mobile Boarding Pass after completing check-in online.

Please note that the following customers can self check in but cannot receive their own Mobile Boarding Pass:

  • Passengers who have onward connecting flights through airports other than Hong Kong
  • Passengers with return flights same day or within 24 hours
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets with fares applicable for infant
  • Unaccompanied Minors who require special handling
  • Passengers who have purchased air tickets in conjunction with ferry tickets

To receive a Mobile Boarding Pass via SMS and/or email, customers should have a mobile device (smart phones, tablets) with internet browsing capability and connectivity. Make sure that your mobile plan includes mobile internet browsing as well as text messaging

After checking in online, you can click on the “Boarding Pass” button. Press the “Confirm and Send” button for Mobile Boarding Pass, and enter your mobile or email address. You will receive a text message or email with a link. You can retrieve the Mobile Boarding Pass by clicking the URL link on the text message or email. You must have internet access on your mobile or PC when opening the file.

Most mobile devices have screen capturing function. We strongly recommend you to utilise this function for saving the screen inside the mobile device. This will save you any other GPRS costs associated with downloading the page again.

Yes it will. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will work with the relevant airport authorities to ensure you are no longer required to present a paper boarding pass.

Simply click the link to retrieve Mobile Boarding Pass, and then proceed to immigration, security and boarding gate in order to enjoy the complete paperless experience.

Only some airports accept a Mobile Boarding Pass.

Be sure to arrive at Boarding Gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time to avoid unnecessary delays. Late passengers may not be accepted and boarding gate will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure.

Please contact the ground staff who will issue the traditional paper boarding pass at the check-in, boarding gate or during boarding.

Please note that you must present a valid Boarding Pass to board a flight.

Mobile Boarding Pass is currently only available for flights departing from selected airports. Each airport authority determines the use of Mobile Boarding Pass and we will roll out to other airports as per each airport processes and capabilities. It depends on each airport authority. We will gradually launch this new feature to other airports.

The check-in confirmation is available to all customers departing from airports that do not accept a self print or mobile boarding pass.

Please note, this Check-In confirmation is not a boarding pass and you will not be allowed to proceed through immigration, security or board the flight.

You must get a boarding pass from the check-in counter.

Yes. The lounge invitation card is also available on the Mobile Boarding Pass. Simply present this to the staff at the lounge.

Yes, Mobile Boarding Pass is now available for customers who check in on our mobile app. Customers can access the stored Mobile Boarding Pass from the menu in the app for offline use.

Yes, you can receive Mobile Boarding Pass for your travel companion if your travel companion is included in the same booking record as yours.

If you fail to receive the SMS link or email to retrieve Mobile Boarding Pass, you can login to Online Check-In and try again any time up to 90 minutes before your flight departure time.

If problem still persists, you can also choose, at the airport, to use a Self Check-In Kiosk (where available) to print your boarding pass, or go to one of our Self Check-In Bag Drop Counters to pick up your boarding pass.

Yes you can do that if you have deleted or lost the SMS (text message) and email. Simply return to Online Check-In and resend your boarding pass any time up to 90 minutes before your flight departure time.

Yes, you can change seats for yourself and your travel companions after receiving Mobile Boarding Pass. Refreshing the same link to retrieve the Mobile Boarding Pass will show you the latest seat you have selected.

Similar to Online Check-In, Mobile Boarding Pass can be sent from 48 hours up to 90 minutes before flight departure.

Passengers travelling to or from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco can only issue Self-Print Boarding Pass / Mobile Boarding Pass within 24 hours prior to the flight departure.

Yes, you can cancel check-in for yourself and your travel companions after receiving Mobile Boarding Pass.

You can cancel check-in with the "Cancel Check-In" button on the "Flight Details" page or the "Online Check-In Confirmation" page after receiving Mobile Boarding Pass.

At the security check point, the airport security officer will match the name on the travel document with the Mobile Boarding Pass. Any discrepancies found will not be accepted and the passenger will be advised to return to the check in counter to have a traditional boarding pass issued.

Due to certain fare types and/ or restrictions and special handling, some passengers are required to present themselves to the counter before a boarding pass may be issued to them. Therefore we are unable to provide all passengers with a Mobile Boarding Pass.

While your departure port supports the option of receiving a Mobile Boarding Pass, whether or not a customer can receive the SMS depends on the country of their mobile service provider is located. If the country of their mobile number falls outside the country list below, that means they will not be able to receive the SMS link for viewing the mobile boarding pass page. In that case, the customer can opt to receiving the link by email address and open up the page by checking email on the mobile device.

The SMS service is currently available to mobile phone users in these countries: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Due to some technical constraints of your mobile operator, sometimes you may receive the SMS link but it was broken and not able to retrieve the Mobile Boarding Pass. In this case, we recommend that you to check with your mobile operator. Usually most mobile operators should be able to send you a link with maximum 160 numbers of characters.

If problem cannot be resolved, you can opt to receive the link by email address instead.

Some corporate Blackberry Enterprise devices may default to use a Blackberry browser which blocks the mobile page. Please make sure you have configured to use the WAP/Internet browser in order to view the Mobile Boarding Pass page. If problem still persists, we recommend you to check with your mobile phone provider.

Whether the mobile boarding pass page can be saved depends on the capability of the smartphone you use. In general, most smartphones are equipped with the function for taking a screen shot. For example, to take a screen shot under iPhone, you can hold down the "Home" button (at the bottom of the screen) and then hit the "power/sleep" button (at the top right hand side of the phone). Your screen shot will be available offline in the camera roll section. You can then transfer it to any devices and get it printed out.

However, we advise passengers to check whether their companies will accept this format first before deciding to receive a mobile boarding pass. If it is not accepted to declare a business trip or make any travel claim such as for insurance, passengers are encouraged to use the Self Print Boarding Pass while checking in online.

It depends on the policies and procedures at each local airport authorities. Some airports may not accept passenger who display all Mobile Boarding Passes with their companions on one device and then at the security checkpoint they will be advised to return to check-in counters to re-print their boarding passes.

To ease your discomfort, we strongly advise each passenger to send their Mobile Boarding Passes to their own mobile phone number or email address, and so each device will only display one Boarding Pass at the airport. If any of the companions does not have any mobile devices, they are encouraged to use the Self Print Boarding Pass after checking in online as an alternative.

For passengers arriving in Hong Kong with onward connecting flights, we are only offering the use of Mobile Boarding Pass if their origin airport supports this service.

For example:
If you are travelling from Auckland to Hong Kong with an onward connection to Beijing, you can use your Mobile Boarding Pass for both sectors.

If you are travelling from New York to Hong Kong with an onward connection to Beijing, you cannot use your Mobile Boarding Pass for either sector.

No. Each flight sector corresponds to one SMS or email. Hence, for passengers arriving in Hong Kong with an onward connection to other destination, please keep the SMS or email of the connecting flights. With free WiFi service at Hong Kong International Airport, you can retrieve your Mobile Boarding Pass and proceed to the security check point at the transit area and the Departure Hall on Level 6.

The SMS or email is NOT the Mobile Boarding Pass. You must click at the hyperlink provided in order to get the mobile boarding pass. This is also important to let us know you are confirming to travel with your flight. However, if you click at the hyperlink after the airport check-in counter is closed especially when you are coming late at the airport, you will possibly receive this error message. We strongly advise you to click at the hyperlink immediately after you checked in online and received the SMS and/or email. If you failed to do so but click at the hyperlink after the airport check-in counter closure time, you will be treated as a having checked-in online but NO-SHOW passenger.