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Cathay Stories

Go behind-the-scenes to discover how we strive to move you forward in life

For 77 years and counting, we’ve connected our customers to meaningful people, places and experiences. We do it by being thoughtful, progressive and bringing our can-do spirit to everything we do. Here’s just a peek at how we move beyond the expected – and the people who make it possible.



Discover our approach to captivating design. From innovative aircraft cabin details to thoughtful lifestyle products and more, design influences everything that we do for the greatest experience.

Human-centric design

Our new Boeing 777-300ER cabins are designed with you in mind. Discover how our team carefully considered and thoughtfully designed every detail for intuitive use and unparalleled comfort. 

*New Boeing 777-300ER cabins will be progressively introduced. Featured renderings and simulations of aircraft cabins are for reference purposes only.

Above and beyond

Our can-do spirit allows us to move beyond: to do whatever it takes to bring people together and provide outstanding service.

Reuniting beyond the skies

Senior Purser Susan retraces her steps from one year ago back to the UK, when a medical emergency unfolded on one of her flights. Discover the teams’ unwavering commitment to passenger care in times of crises.

  • What it takes to prepare an A350-900 for its delivery flight

    Discover the checks, tests and inspections behind taking delivery of a brand-new Cathay Pacific aircraft. 

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  • How a very important panda flies

    How does such a unique VIP travel? Discover how we safely transported Gao Gao from Los Angeles to Chengdu.

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  • How CX takes care of unaccompanied minors

    Everything you need to know about children flying solo – from paperwork and security escorts to priority disembarkation.

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Our people

From pilots and cabin crew, to engineers, ground staff and everyone in Cathay City: our people lie at the heart of what we do. Explore their passion, their dedication and their expertise.

Experience the life of a cabin crew

Our cabin crew ensures that every flight is as safe and comfortable as can be. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how they keep things running smoothly before, during and after your flight.

  • A pilot explains the art of the go-around

    What is a go-around? And why might you experience one during your flight? Here’s what you need to know.


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  • Taming the typhoon: How Cathay Pacific dealt with Hato

    Experience a dramatic 24 hours inside Cathay Pacific’s airport operations centre as the team prepared to land aircraft safely in Storm Hato.

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  • Pilot Christina Ho soars through the glass ceiling

    The Second Officer explains her hopes to inspire a new generation of female pilots.

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COVID-19 stories

How does an airline survive a global pandemic? Discover the ways we adapted to keep our customers flying safely – and the heroes who made it all possible.

Preparing for take-off

When COVID-19 brought the world to a halt, we had to find a way to store our aircraft safely to keep them protected. Discover where and how we kept our precious cargo stored while grounded.

  • Getting fly ready in a pandemic

    How a determination to help customers led to the creation of Cathay’s Fly Ready portal.  

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  • Proud to be flying

    In the face of adversity, our people stepped up to keep Hong Kong safe. Here, one pilot tells his story.


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  • Parking and reactivation: How we stored aircraft during the pandemic

    Discover how we managed to protect more than 70 of our most valuable assets during the global pandemic.

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  • Diary of a Closed Loop

    One pilot reveals what life was like in the Closed Loop system: a contained bubble for Cathay’s pilots and flight attendants.


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