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Are there any reasons why I might not be eligible to make an Upgrade Bid?

There are several different factors that may restrict your eligibility to make an offer to upgrade, including but not limited to:

  • The flight you are travelling on is not currently accepting offers.
  • No seat availability on the next higher cabin class
  • Your ticket has not been issued yet.
  • Your booking is not confirmed yet.
  • You are holding a group ticket or a redemption ticket.
  • You are travelling with a child on an infant fare.
  • Your flight is not marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific.
  • Your ticket is not issued by Cathay Pacific (ticket number does not start with 160)
  • Your ticket was purchased and/or issued in India, or you are travelling on a flight to/from India where Upgrade Bid is currently not available due to technical reasons.
  • You booked a holiday package through Cathay – Upgrade Bid is currently not available for holiday packages purchased through Cathay.