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Signing into

If you are Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles member, you can use your membership number/username and password to access your account page. If you are Registered Account holder, you can easily sign in with the email provided during registration.

Troubleshooting sign-in problems

If you’re having trouble signing in, make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser – you can check this in your browser’s privacy settings. For further help, refer to our ‘How to enable browser features’ guidelines and the below solutions.

If you are Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles member, visit ‘Forgotten membership number or username’ and follow the instructions to retrieve your membership number or user name. The relevant details will be sent to your registered email address.

If you are a Registered Account holder, your sign-in email can’t be reset. We suggest entering your commonly used email addresses in the ‘Forgot password’ function to determine the correct sign-in email.

If you encounter problems retrieving your profile details, please contact us.

To reset your password, visit ‘Request password reset link’ and follow the instructions accordingly. A reset password link email will be sent to your registered email address.

Please check your trash or junk email folder if you cannot see the reset password link email in your inbox. If it is not there, it is possible that our communications are being blocked by your email service provider.

Please add the following email addresses to your ‘Safe sender list’ before you request the password reset link again.

Registered user:
Asia Miles:
Marco Polo Club:

For security reasons, your membership account may be temporarily locked after too many unsuccessful login attempts. You can simply reset your password and your account will be unlocked afterwards.

If you’re unable to sign in, make sure you're logged in to the social account that’s linked to your membership account.

Also ensure your browser allows popups – a window will either prompt you to sign in, or sign you in automatically if you're already logged into your social account.

If you’re still unable to sign into your account, please contact us with more information so we can troubleshoot your case.