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Travelling with animals

We look after your pets as if they were our own. Their safety and comfort is our first priority.

If you need your service dog to be with you at all times, you are welcome to bring it into the passenger cabin with you. Otherwise, your pet will need to travel as check-in baggage or in cargo. Please refer to the below information to learn more about the different conditions of travelling with your pet*.

Due to our reduced flight schedule, we are unable to accept new bookings for pets travelling as check-in baggage from 15 June 2022 until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Alternatively, you may transport your pet with Cathay Pacific Cargo.

Please contact your local Cathay Pacific Cargo office for more information and assistance.

Your questions, answered

If your pet is being transported with Cathay Pacific Cargo, you will need to take your pet to the cargo terminal and pick them up from the cargo terminal at the destination.

The fees depend on the size and weight of your pet and its travel container.

We look after your pets as if they were our own. Their safety and comfort are our first priority. For more details, please refer to our guide for Steps for pet travel from Hong Kong and contact Cathay Pacific Cargo for further assistance.

The Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has requirements regarding the import of animals, as well as restrictions for animals in transit. Please visit their website for the most up-to-date information and contact your local Cathay Pacific Cargo for more information and assistance.

Your current reservation will not be affected. As you had previously booked and confirmed your pet for travel, we will be able to accept your pet as part of your checked baggage.

If you need further details on how to transport your pet as check-in baggage, please refer to:

Bookings can only be confirmed up to one month prior to travel. We understand the impact this has on your planning. Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm anything earlier.

* Cathay Pacific Airways Limited has the discretion whether to accept your animal on board, subject to any laws or regulations of the jurisdiction of the place of departure, arrival, and layover (where applicable).