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    Interesting facts about Niigata

    Dubbed ‘the snow country’ (‘yukiguni’ in Japanese), Niigata Prefecture offers remarkable snow festival celebrations, onsens and some of Japan’s finest rice, seafood and sake.

    Things to do in Niigata

    Experience powdery snow and excellent slopes at Yuzawa, one of the largest ski resort towns in Niigata Prefecture. After a long day of skiing, loosen up sore muscles at one of the 150 hot springs in the prefecture. Join the locals at Tokamachi Snow Festival, one of Japan’s oldest snow festivals, featuring snow sculptures, dance performances and fireworks. A trip to Niigata would not be complete without a feast of Japan’s finest rice (Koshihikari), seafood and sake.

    Niigata travel tips

    Most of Niigata’s attractions are near the train station and city centre, easily accessible on foot. To venture further afield, the city offers regular buses and ferries. Most ski resorts in Niigata Prefecture offer free shuttle bus services departing from Echigo-Yuzawa Station.