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    Interesting facts about Komatsu

    With the Sea of Japan to its northwest and the sacred mountain Mount Haku to its east, Komatsu is blessed with a plethora of natural beauty. Often seen as a gateway to the historic Hokuriku region – comprised of Ishikawa, Toyama, and Fukui prefectures, Komatsu provides a suitably stunning finale (or introduction) to the trip with its old world charm.

    Best of Komatsu

    Komatsu’s scenic Natadera temple is just a short drive from the airport, providing a good introduction to Japan’s stunning west coast. Make a stop in Kanazawa – the capital of Ishikawa and the biggest attraction in the region – and discover its well-retained traditional architecture, culture, and the iconic Castle Park. Immerse yourself further into Japanese culture with a visit to the Kenrokuen gardens – considered one of Japan’s three most beautiful – and take a tea rest at one of the many tea houses. Venture inland to the dormant volcano of Mount Haku, one of the Japan’s ‘Three Holy Mountains’ that has been worshipped since ancient times. Witness the majestic sights along the Noto Peninsula, where famous rock formations Ganmon (gate door) and Hatago Iwa can be found. Go further afield to the historic villages of Shirakawa and Gokayama – both part of a UNESCO Heritage site – and check off your bucket list with the striking Hakusan mountain range.

    Komatsu Travel Tips

    Komatsu Airport is the main airport for Ishikawa prefecture. Getting around Hokuriku region is easy, as JR Hokuriku Main Line runs multiple normal and express trains every hour across Komatsu, Fukui, Kanazawa and Toyama. Popular souvenirs of Komatsu include Kabukki (the Komatsu mascot) and traditional crafts kutani-yaki pottery.