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    Interesting facts about Amsterdam

    Explore Amsterdam, the cultural heart and capital city of the Netherlands. The city of old European charm is worth exploring any time of year, with the famous canals offering scenic boat trips in the summer and outdoor ice rinks set up during the cold winters. Fly to Amsterdam with Cathay Pacific for high-end on-board comfort and services, no matter which class you fly.

    Experience Amsterdam

    The historic heart of Amsterdam appears much as it did hundreds of years ago, with tall, well-restored architecture lining the many waterways. Around 400 bridges connect the city’s numerous islands. Enjoy great shopping in the narrow medieval streets of the Jordaan, and then relax in any of the cosy coffee shops. Ascend the tower of Oude Kerk for lovely views, and visit Amsterdam’s world-class museums, like the Anne Frank House, Rembrandt Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum. For something a bit different, explore the Venustempel Sex Museum or the Heineken Experience.

    Getting Around Amsterdam

    Make like the locals and rent a bicycle to move around the city with ease. Alternatively, the city is well-connected by tram, metro, bus, and boat. Start enjoying the good life – book your flight to Amsterdam with Cathay Pacific today.