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    Book & Compare Flights to Rome (ROM) with Cathay Pacific from USD6,130

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    San Francisco (SFO)
    to Rome (FCO)
    Round trip
    24/08/2019 - 02/09/2019
    Los Angeles (LAX)
    to Rome (FCO)
    Round trip
    08/09/2019 - 16/09/2019
    Chicago (ORD)
    to Rome (FCO)
    Round trip
    20/12/2019 - 04/01/2020
    Book & Compare Flights to Rome (ROM) with Cathay Pacific from USD 6,130

    Interesting facts about Rome

    Experience a city of art, history, and romance when you visit Rome, the capital of Italy. Around every corner, find historic architecture, sites of cultural importance, and an exciting modern culinary scene. Book your flights to Rome with Cathay Pacific and take off in style with comfortable reclining seats and in-flight entertainment.

    Things to do in Rome

    If it's your first time to the ancient city, start at the iconic Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Step farther back in history at the Pantheon. For some art appreciation, head to the Vatican Museum and look up in wonder at the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Stroll the streets and piazzas at night, and make a wish at the 18th-century Trevi Fountain.

    Getting Around Rome

    Central Rome is easy to navigate on foot, especially if you want to take in the history and charm. To move quickly across Rome’s neighbourhoods, board the Rome Metro, an underground subway, or a take a public bus. Taxis are available, too. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, book your flights to Rome with Cathay Pacific for the perfect start to your trip.

    Weather in Rome

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    18 °CWednesday22/05/2019
    18 °CThursday23/05/2019
    19 °CFriday24/05/2019
    19 °CSaturday25/05/2019
    16 °CSunday26/05/2019
    18 °CMonday27/05/2019
    18 °CTuesday28/05/2019