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    Interesting facts about Jeju

    Jeju Province is home to Korea's largest island, Jeju-do, one of the most scenic destinations in Korea with white beaches and lush green countryside. Hiking and dining on delicious Jeju cuisine are popular holiday pursuits among visitors, who come for relaxation and fun. Book your flights to Jeju with Cathay Dragon and enjoy our reclining seats perfect for restful travel.

    Outdoor activities in Jeju

    Adrenaline seekers can start with a demanding hike up South Korea's highest mountain, Hallasan. Alternatively, trek along the difficult Seongsan Ilchulbong, which rewards you with a view of the sunrise over the region's volcanic craters. For less demanding scenic routes, walk along the Jeju Olle trails, which wind through small villages featuring homes made from black lava rock. Wind down by exploring Jeju City or relaxing on the beaches.

    Travel tips for Jeju

    Jeju City and the island offer many transport options, with buses and taxis being the most popular. If you are staying in the countryside, rent a bike to see the sights. If you plan to drive, allow plenty of time as the traffic light system can be slow. Arrive rested and ready to explore when you book your Jeju flights with Cathay Dragon.