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    Book & Compare Flights to Changsha (CSX) with Cathay Pacific from USD1,679

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    New York (NYC)
    to Changsha (CSX)
    Round trip
    12/06/2020 - 22/08/2020
    Book & Compare Flights to Changsha (CSX) with Cathay Pacific from USD 1,679

    Interesting facts about Changsha

    The capital of China’s Hunan Province, Changsha has a long and fascinating past, with many historical and cultural attractions for today’s visitors to enjoy. Book your flights to Changsha with Cathay Dragon, and young flyers aged three to six will receive personal fun packs to keep them occupied whilst in the air.

    Tourist attractions in Changsha

    Visit Kaifu Temple, one of the area’s few active temples, and get a feel for the local spirituality. The elegant Yuelu Academy is ideal for history lovers, and you can learn more about the city at the Hunan Provincial Museum. Soak up panoramic vistas with a cable car ride up Yuelu Mountain, and call into a tea house for an authentic taste of China. Orange Isle offers a perfect day out for families, with its grassy expanses, swimming pool, street vendors, and spa.

    Travelling around Changsha

    Local buses operate around the city, with the circular line especially useful for sightseeing. Plenty of metered taxis are also available. Showing the desired address written in Chinese can help with communication. Arrive in Hunan’s capital rested and ready to explore when you choose Cathay Dragon for your Changsha flights.

    Weather in Changsha

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    12 °CFriday21/02/2020
    14 °CSaturday22/02/2020
    17 °CSunday23/02/2020
    23 °CMonday24/02/2020
    19 °CTuesday25/02/2020
    19 °CWednesday26/02/2020
    15 °CThursday27/02/2020