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    Interesting facts about Nanning

    Explore Nanning, the capital city of the Guangxi Zhuang region, located in southern China. This rapidly growing city offers centuries-old history and many outdoor recreational sites.

    Touring Nanning

    As the regional capital, Nanning’s Guangxi Museum provides important historic context, including exhibits of the local traditions of porcelain, drums, and paintings. The city boasts several relaxing parks and gardens, such as South Lake and Yiling Yan Rock Cave, which offers underground tours for the adventurous travellers. Explore Qingxiu Mountain Park. Dubbed as the ‘Green Lung of Nanning’, it includes beautiful lotus ponds, hot springs, botanical gardens and forest trails among impressive structures, such as the Longxiang Tower and the Guanyin Temple.

    Navigating Nanning

    Nanning is a sprawling city, but public transit makes it easy to get around. The Nanning Rail transit line 1 bisects the city, stopping at more than 20 popular attractions. Local buses connect most parts of Nanning. For a more direct service, taxis are widely available and affordable.

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