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    Interesting facts about Nanjing

    The capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing enjoys a terrific location alongside the majestic Yangtze River. The city is also a former capital of several mighty dynasties, and home to a multitude of historical sites. Fly to Nanjing with Cathay Dragon for a comfortable journey, complete with excellent inflight services and facilities.

    Best attractions in Nanjing

    Get your bearings with a stroll along the City Wall of Nanjing, one of the largest city walls in the Chinese mainland, and view the many entrance gates, including the impressive Gate of China (Zhonghuamen). History lovers will enjoy the ruins of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Palace, the Presidential Palace, and Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. This university town offers plenty of relaxing activities as well: admire the panoramic views from Zifeng Tower, and take a scenic boat ride along the Qin Huai River. Pick up some local goods from the maze of markets at Confucius Temple. If you have extra time, spend a day visiting the tombs around Purple Mountain, including that of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

    Travel tips in Nanjing

    Visiting with children? Take a trip to Magic Cube, a well-maintained waterfall within an hour of Nanjing. The official city pass, valid for a year, will save you money on visits to many attractions. An IC card (Jinlingtong) is the easiest way to use all public transit. For convenience and luxury on your flight to Nanjing, book with Cathay Dragon.