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    Interesting facts about Nagoya

    Though known internationally for manufacturing, Nagoya is a surprising city to discover. Enjoy great museums, historic temples, and boutique shopping. Nagoya also has plenty of parks for relaxing. Book your flights to Nagoya with Cathay Pacific and enjoy in-flight entertainment, comfortable reclining seats, and excellent service.

    Things to do in Nagoya

    Delve into the city's true beauty at the Atsuta Shrine. Established in the 1st century AD, the shrine is considered one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan. The rebuilt Nagoya Castle is one of the most impressive landmarks, originally dating back to the 17th century. Experience Nagoya’s industrial past and present at the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry. Enjoy a day trip to the Meiji-Mura Village Museum, an open-air museum with stunning architecture from the Meiji period.

    Travel tips for Nagoya

    Get around Nagoya efficiently using the excellent public trains and subways. Nagoya Station is the world’s largest train station. Taxis are available for added flexibility. For the best in comfort, convenience, and service when you fly to Nagoya, choose Cathay Pacific, the premier airline of Asia.