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    Interesting facts about Taichung

    The gateway to Taiwan China's mountainous centre, Taichung is the region's cultural and industrial capital. The third largest city and one of the driest areas in Taiwan China, this city welcomes visitors looking for natural beauty and unique cultural attractions. Book your flight to Taichung with Cathay Dragon and enjoy inflight entertainment, spacious, reclining seats, and impeccable service.

    Things to do in Taichung

    Taichung is home to one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan China, the Fengjia Night Market. Experience the hustle and bustle while you sample some local street food and up-and-coming cuisine. If you are looking to shop, visit Fantasy Story, a renovated block that has been converted into modern boutiques selling furniture and clothing. Venture two hours outside of Taichung and relax or explore in the mountains, perfect for a day or overnight excursion.

    Getting around Taichung

    The public transport network in Taichung consists primarily of a bus network that runs daily until 10pm. The system is affordable, and offers some free routes in the city centre. Most Taichung locals navigate the city via scooter or taxi. Book your Taichung flights with Cathay Dragon today.