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    Travel to Bangladesh

    The small south Asian nation of Bangladesh is home to friendly locals, abundant wildlife, diverse landscapes, and a rich culture. Whether you are booking flights to Bangladesh for business or pleasure, fly with Cathay Dragon for the best inflight comfort and excellent services.

    Highlights of Bangladesh

    The bustling capital city of Dhaka is filled with interesting architecture from various time periods, with exquisite Mughal structures alongside grand British colonial buildings. Colourful and chaotic, Dhaka also boasts fun theme parks, huge shopping centres, and numerous religious monuments. History lovers are sure to enjoy Mymensingh with its historical and cultural sites, such as Jalchhatra and the Mymensingh Museum, which are all surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque hills. Visit Cox’s Bazar, a prime destination that is home to the longest beach in the world.

    Head to the holy city of Sylhet to witness its revered shrines, then visit laid-back Barisal to leisurely explore the verdant rice paddies and babbling rivers. Discover the expansive mangroves of the Sundarbans and try to spot the rare Royal Bengal tiger; marvel at the ancient ruins of Paharpur; and relax on gorgeous islands such as Bhola and St Martin’s.

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