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    Book & Compare Flights to Hangzhou (HGH) with Cathay Pacific

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    Book & Compare Flights to Hangzhou (HGH) with Cathay Pacific

    Interesting facts about Hangzhou

    An important place for artists and poets through the ages, Hangzhou – located in Zhejiang, and known as one of China’s most iconic tourist destinations – is known for its scenery, vast history, and rich culture. Travel to Hangzhou with Cathay Dragon for a harmonious and sophisticated journey before landing in this captivating city.

    Main attractions in Hangzhou

    Stroll around the glorious West Lake, and take a boat trip to the various islands, looking out for the ‘10 Scenes of West Lake’. The West Lake Scenic Area has many superb features that will impress, including the private gardens of Guo's Villa. Interesting landmarks include Baochu Pagoda, Chongyi Church, Jingci Temple, and the Six Harmonies Pagoda. Experience traditional tea drinking at Manjuelong Village and, if you visit between March and May, be sure to explore the verdant Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea Fields.

    Dining in Hangzhou

    One of China’s top destinations for foodies, Hangzhou offers many local delicacies, including the tangy fish dish of xihu cuyu, dongpo rou pork, fish broth, and fish head with bean curd. Seafood is abundant and pork is very popular. Sample the city’s many delights – start by booking a comfortable flight to Hangzhou with Cathay Dragon, the premium carrier for flights across Asia.

    Weather in Hangzhou

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