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    Interesting facts about Haikou

    Located on the popular Hainan Island, Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province. A tropical city on the coast, it is a major gateway to the island’s beautiful beaches and laid-back seaside culture. Book your flights to Haikou with Cathay Dragon and get into the holiday mood as you relax on our comfortable aircraft.

    Things to do in Haikou

    The aptly-named Holiday Beach is one of the area’s liveliest shores, whilst Xixiu Beach is a popular spot for windsurfing. For more adventure, explore the caves, volcanoes, craters, and lava landscapes of Haikou Shishan Crater Cluster National Geological Park. Dongzhai Harbour Mangrove Natural Reserve Area is great for spotting wildlife. Children will enjoy Baishamen Amusement Park and Sea Turtles 911. Families can learn local history at the Hainan Provincial Museum. Step back in time at Old Street, and visit historic landmarks like the Temple of the Five Lords and Hairui’s Tomb.

    Haikou travel tips

    Head to the Hainan University Night Market for a range of tasty and affordable local fare, and try the freshly caught lobster. Hire a tricycle or three-wheeled scooter to explore at your own pace. Arrive rested and ready to explore when you book a Cathay Dragon flight to Hainan.