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    Interesting facts about Tokushima

    Gateway to Japan’s stunning Shikoku Island, Tokushima combines natural splendour, cultural heritage and delicious traditional cuisine. While most famous for the Awa Odori dance festival every August, the city’s bountiful pleasures can be enjoyed year-round.

    Best of Tokushima

    Located on the eastern side of Shikoku, Tokushima is best-known for its spectacular summer dance festival: the Awa Odori. You can watch a daily traditional dance performance (held year-round) at the Awa Odori Kaikan museum. While in Tokushima, be sure to explore the natural beauty of the island. In the Naruto Strait, the huge, swirling whirlpools are best viewed by sightseeing boat or from the glass-floored bridge above. In Iya Valley, you can brave crossing old vine bridges over the breathtaking gorges, or visit the terraced mountainside village of Ochiai. For something different, follow the 88 Sacred Temples Pilgrimage, a 1200 km loop around the island traditionally undertaken on foot (but mostly completed by tour bus today).

    Tokushima Travel Tips

    Local buses are an affordable option when travelling around the city, and bus tours are also popular with both locals and tourists who wish to explore the island. A network of trains connects Tokushima with other urban areas. Taxis do operate, but fares can be quite expensive and it can be difficult finding a taxi outside of the city. Renting a car is a good option for those wanting to explore the island in their own time.