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    Book & Compare Flights to Beijing (BJS) with Cathay Pacific from JPY59,190

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    Osaka (KIX)
    to Beijing (PEK)
    Round trip
    19/10/2019 - 22/10/2019
    Book & Compare Flights to Beijing (BJS) with Cathay Pacific from JPY 59,190

    Interesting facts about Beijing

    Beijing is China's mesmerising and massive capital. With a history that dates back well over 3,000 years, the city is both impressively ancient and appealingly modern. Book your flights to Beijing with Cathay Pacific and enjoy the luxury of reclining seats, personal entertainment systems, and professional, friendly service.

    Things to Do in Beijing

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Forbidden City has one of the best-preserved collections of ancient monuments and buildings across the globe. Be sure to visit the Palace, which is the largest palace complex in the world, as well as the impressive Three Great Halls. Learn more about the country's recent history by heading to Tiananmen Square, which is enclosed by 1950s structures, where you can watch the People's Liberation Army soldiers performing daily sunrise drills. For some fantastically unique souvenirs head to Panjiayuan Market.

    Beijing Travel Tips

    Beijing’s enormous subway train line is continually expanding, and you can get everywhere that way. The subway travel card also offers a 50% discount on the city's buses. The city has a number of local taxis and motor rickshaws – be sure to negotiate a price before the ride. Book your flights to Beijing with Cathay Pacific today.

    Weather in Beijing

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    11 °CWednesday16/10/2019
    16 °CThursday17/10/2019
    17 °CFriday18/10/2019
    19 °CSaturday19/10/2019
    21 °CSunday20/10/2019
    18 °CMonday21/10/2019
    18 °CTuesday22/10/2019