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    Book & Compare Flights to Wuhan (WUH) with Cathay Pacific

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    Book & Compare Flights to Wuhan (WUH) with Cathay Pacific

    Interesting facts about Wuhan

    The capital of China’s Hubei Province, Wuhan is a major port along the magnificent Yangtze River with a history that stretches back more than 3,000 years. Visit the birthplace of modern China – book your flights to Wuhan with Cathay Dragon today.

    Wuhan attractions

    Marvel at the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the most impressive structures in China. Visit the interesting Hubei Provincial Museum, and brush up on your history at the Memorial Hall of Wuchang Uprising. Enjoy the fresh air and greenery around East Lake, and take a dip in its waters during the warmer months. Shop for international brands and trends at Tanhualin’s shopping outlets. Take the family to Wuhan Zoo, and then visit Jiqing Street, a must-visit come evening time with its food vendors and street entertainers.

    Wuhan travel advice

    The subway is the easiest way to navigate the city. River ferries provide efficient and scenic transit. Taxis are always available as well. Start your trip with comfort and convenience when you fly to Wuhan with Cathay Dragon.

    Weather in Wuhan

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    9 °CSunday19/01/2020
    10 °CMonday20/01/2020
    8 °CTuesday21/01/2020
    7 °CWednesday22/01/2020
    8 °CThursday23/01/2020
    7 °CFriday24/01/2020