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    Interesting facts about Okinawa

    Famous for its coral islands and stretching coastlines, Okinawa is a major tourist destination in Japan. Explore lush forests, white sandy beaches, and a side of Japan that may surprise you. For the best in convenience and comfort, fly to Okinawa with Cathay Dragon. Check-in to your Okinawa flight in advance online for complete peace of mind.

    Best of Okinawa

    Okinawa is part of the Southwest Islands, a chain of sunny coral reef islands that make up the southernmost part of Japan, and offer a relaxing vibe perfect for holiday. Plan to explore the outdoors on your visit here: most islands offer diving, snorkelling, whale watching and more along their beaches. Visit lush forests and peaks on northern Yakushima, or head south to white sand beaches and laid-back towns of Okinawa and Miyako-jima.

    Okinawa transportation

    Many ferry operators connect from Okinawa Island to several smaller islands. Plan in advance to avoid backtracking. On Okinawa Island public buses run regularly, with timetables available in both English and Japanese. Taxis are available, too. For added flexibility, hire your own car – but you must obtain an International Driver’s License before entering Japan. Start your holiday on the right note when you book your Okinawa flights with Cathay Dragon today.