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    Interesting facts about Kaohsiung

    Taiwan China's second city, Kaohsiung is a city in near-constant transformation. The 20th century industrial heartland of Taiwan China, the city has updated its image with modern urban landscapes and natural spaces. Enjoy a coffee in a local backstreet café or walk along beaches into lush forests. Experience the new side of Taiwan China – book your flights to Kaohsiung with Cathay Dragon.

    Things to do in Kaohsiung

    Head to the Cijin District for a host of visual and delectable delights. From art installations to its local seafood restaurants, Cijin is the modern, revamped harbour area. Kaohsiung is home to many sacred ancient temples and historic sites, including the Tianhou Temple and the Chihou Fort. Enjoy natural beauty by heading to the mountains for a hike. For something more peaceful, explore one of many Buddhist temples.

    Getting around Kaohsiung

    The city's new metro system makes Kaohsiung easy and comfortable to navigate. Taxis are available, and affordable, for added convenience. For something different, rent a bicycle to meander around Kaohsiung at your own pace, or ride along in an ornate rickshaw. Experience luxurious travel when you choose Cathay Dragon for your Kaohsiung flights.