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    Dublin (DUB)
    to Seoul (ICN)
    15/10/2020 - 26/10/2020
    Book & Compare Flights to Seoul (SEL) with Cathay Pacific from EUR 785

    Interesting facts about Seoul

    The capital of South Korea, Seoul is one of the most dynamic cities in Asia. Truly a 24-hour city, Seoul offers great street food and innovative restaurants, high-powered fashion, and plenty of fun. Book your flights to Seoul with Cathay Pacific – our professional service and comfortable aircraft ensure you’ll arrive rested and ready to explore.

    Must-see Seoul

    Start with some culture by exploring the city's many galleries in Samcheong-dong. Visit historic temples, such as the Jongmyo Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For innovative gastronomy, head to the Namdaemun night markets, and the many street food streets that stay open all night. Da trip to the nearby village of Heyri for local arts. For something entirely unique, take an excursion to the DMZ area along the border with North Korea.

    Seoul Travel tips

    The city is connected by an extensive public transit system, including buses, trains, and underground subway. The system is fast, clean, and runs frequently. All signage and maps are available in English. For added flexibility, hire a taxi. Start your next trip on the right note – fly to Seoul with Cathay Pacific today.

    Weather in Seoul

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    17 °CWednesday01/04/2020
    14 °CThursday02/04/2020
    14 °CFriday03/04/2020
    10 °CSaturday04/04/2020
    11 °CSunday05/04/2020
    13 °CMonday06/04/2020
    15 °CTuesday07/04/2020