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    Book & Compare Flights to Da Nang (DAD) with Cathay Pacific from EUR1,205

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    Dublin (DUB)
    to Da Nang (DAD)
    Round trip
    31/03/2020 - 18/04/2020
    Book & Compare Flights to Da Nang (DAD) with Cathay Pacific from EUR 1,205

    Interesting facts about Da Nang

    The gleaming riverfront city of Da Nang is quickly becoming an exciting destination in Vietnam. Featuring stunning beaches and spectacular bridges across the river, the city is a natural wonder, with plenty of fine dining and culture too. Book your flight to Da Nang with Cathay Dragon and enjoy comfortable reclining seats, personal entertainment, and best-in-class service.

    Da Nang attractions

    Da Nang’s coastline features 30 kilometres of calm, cool waters. Visit Lang Co Beach, a quiet and almost untouched peninsula. For more natural beauty within Da Nang’s city limits, head to the Marble Mountains, which feature unique Buddhist temples built inside the caves and grottoes. At night, stroll to the iconic Dragon Bridge, which crosses the Han River, and experience a fun, spectacular display.

    Travel tips in Da Nang

    Da Nang is a large and spread-out city, so getting around on foot is good for particular neighbourhoods. Hire a taxi to reach other areas in the city; they are affordable and convenient. If you are staying for a while, consider renting a motorbike, although you must obtain a Vietnam license. Start your trip on the right note – book your Da Nang flights with Cathay Dragon today.

    Weather in Da Nang

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