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    Interesting facts about Barcelona

    Barcelona is the capital of Spain’s region of Catalonia. It is frequently referred to as Gaudí’s City because of the striking architectural works around the city that were created by the famous architect. With beaches close to the city and a vibrant culture to experience, Barcelona offers plenty for visitors. Fly to Barcelona with Cathay Pacific for top-notch services, roomy seating, and tasty on-board cuisine.

    Barcelona Highlights

    Many first-time visitors will look forward to view at least a few of Gaudí’s buildings, with the UNESCO-listed Sagrada Familia as one of the city’s main attractions. Other popular Gaudí creations include Casa Battlo, Casa Vicens, Casa Calvet, and Park Güell. Stroll along Gran Via, visit the Picasso Museum, soak up the views from the Harbour Cable Car, see the Roman Temple of Augustus, relax on the beaches, and climb Montjuïc Mountain. Family-friendly attractions include Tibidabo Amusement Park and Barcelona Aquarium.

    Barcelona travel tips

    Barcelona’s metro system covers most parts of the city, with short walking distances between the stops. Public bus services also carry passengers around the city, and it’s easy to grab a taxi. You can save money on public transportation and attraction entrance fees with the official Barcelona Card. Book your flight to Barcelona with Cathay Pacific today.

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