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    Book Flights from Xian (XIY) with Cathay Pacific from CNY1,778

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    Popular Flights from Xian

    Best fares on flights found by others in the last 48 hours. (Please note that some fares may only apply when there are multiple travellers.)

    Xian (XIY) to Singapore (SIN)

    Depart on 21/05/2019,
    Return on 24/05/2019

    Xian (XIY) to Jakarta (CGK)

    Depart on 10/05/2019,
    Return on 20/05/2019

    Xian (XIY) to London (LHR)

    Depart on 02/05/2019,
    Return on 13/05/2019

    Xian (XIY) to Brisbane (BNE)

    Depart on 15/07/2019,
    Return on 23/07/2019

    Xian (XIY) to Taipei (TPE)

    Depart on 05/07/2019,
    Return on 14/07/2019

    Xian (XIY) to San Francisco (SFO)

    Depart on 15/07/2019,
    Return on 10/08/2019

    Plan ahead for your trip from Xian

    Best fares on flights found by others in the last 48 hours. (Please note that some fares may only apply when there are multiple travellers.)

    Xian (XIY)
    to Singapore (SIN)
    Round trip
    21/05/2019 - 24/05/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Bangkok (BKK)
    Round trip
    04/07/2019 - 10/07/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Taipei (TPE)
    Round trip
    05/07/2019 - 14/07/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Perth (PER)
    Round trip
    22/12/2019 - 29/12/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Brisbane (BNE)
    Round trip
    15/07/2019 - 23/07/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Paris (CDG)
    Round trip
    26/05/2019 - 04/06/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Boston (BOS)
    Round trip
    13/05/2019 - 05/06/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to Dusseldorf (DUS)
    Round trip
    14/05/2019 - 28/05/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to San Francisco (SFO)
    Round trip
    15/07/2019 - 10/08/2019
    Xian (XIY)
    to London (LHR)
    Round trip
    02/05/2019 - 13/05/2019
    Book Flights from Xian (XIY) with Cathay Pacific from CNY 1,778

    Departing from Xian

    Known the world over as the home of the impressive Terracotta Warriors, Xian’s popularity as a tourist destination has soared since the discovery of the stone army. Fly to Xian with Cathay Dragon for great inflight entertainment and frequent services to this fascinating city in Shaanxi Province.

    Enjoying Xian

    You will be amazed by the sheer scale and might of the Terracotta Army. Spread across several pits, each soldier has slightly different features and varied clothing, hairstyles, and weapons. A museum provides greater insights into the area and the discovery of the Warriors. For something different, learn about Xian’s long history at the Shaanxi Historic Museum. The city is also home to the world’s largest city wall. For natural scenery, head to Big Wild Goose Pagoda, visit the Stele Forest, and day trip to nearby Taiping National Park.

    Xian transportation guide

    Regular buses connect most parts of the large city, as well as several rail and subway lines. Many sites within the city walls are within close proximity, so walking and cycling are cost-effective ways of getting around. Start your trip to this historic destination in comfort and convenience – book your Xian flights with Cathay Dragon today. 

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