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    Interesting facts about Jinan

    Shandong’s scenic capital, Jinan, is home to a plethora of bucolic attractions: natural springs, weeping willows, and colourful valleys. It’s also the perfect base for exploring the region’s cultural sites, notably Qufu and Mount Tai.

    Best of Jinan

    Known as the City of Springs, Jinan has 72 famous springs in its city, with over a hundred more bubbling in the region. Visit the city’s iconic Baotu Spring Park to see the spring famously praised by writer Lao She. Stroll around Daming Lake, filled with lotus flowers and curtained by weeping willows, and meander through the gardens’ pavilions and temples. Marvel at the buddha statues, caves and sacred temples at Thousand-Buddha Mountain. Make the most of Jinan’s transport network and venture out on a daytrip; visit Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius and home to the Confucius Temple and Mausoleum, and Mount Tai, one of the five sacred mountains in the Chinese mainland.

    Jinan Travel Tips

    The transportation hub of Shandong Province, Jinan’s network highways, waterways and railways allow for easy access to the rest of the province and the major cities in the Chinese mainland. In the city itself, public and tourist buses are convenient. Hire a taxi to get around quickly.