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    Interesting facts about Sapporo

    The largest city on the mountainous island of Hokkaidō, Sapporo has a unique culture that revolves around the outdoors. Skiing, beer tasting, and ice sculptures are some of the best activities in the city. Book your flights to Sapporo with Cathay Pacific and enjoy impeccable service, in-flight entertainment, and comfortable reclining seats.

    Best of Sapporo

    Stroll through Odori Koen, an urban park that hosts public art and local events, stretching 13 blocks in the city centre. Learn about the local brew at the Hokkaidō Brewery, or try some samples at the Sapporo Beer Garden & Museum. Whether you are an advanced skier or a complete beginner, try ski jumping at the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium. If you’d like to become something of an expert on the matter, head to the Sapporo Winter Sports Museum.

    Getting Around Sapporo

    The best way to get around Sapporo is using the extensive public transport network, which includes trams, subways, and city buses. Depending on the length of your visit, purchase a Kitaca travel card, which can be topped up, or a Common Use One-Day Card. Fly to the capital of winter sport in Japan when you travel to Sapporo with Cathay Pacific, Asia’s premier airline.