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    Magical, mysterious, and vast, the Chinese mainland is made up of impressive landscapes, including rivers, grassland, desert, and an incredible 14,000-km of coastline. Home to the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, it boasts some of the largest world cities, including its bustling capital Beijing (PEK) and the modern, innovative Shanghai (SHA). Book your flights to the Chinese mainland with Cathay Pacific and you can relax all the way – with extra legroom, reclining seats, and impeccable service.

    The best of the Chinese mainland

    The top sites in the Chinese mainland are a contract in ancient history and impressive modern development. Visit the most iconic structure, the Great Wall of China, and the temples and villages that dot the wall. Experience modern architecture and delicious restaurants in the glamorous city of Shanghai. Try the street food served to the masses on the streets of Beijing or at the city's Silk Road Street Market. Explore the county's stunning nature at the turquoise pools of Jiuzhaigou, the Chinese mainland's very first national park.

    Whether travelling for business or pleasure, book your flights with Cathay Pacific for the perfect start to your trip.