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    Interesting facts about Busan

    The large, bustling port city of Busan is one of South Korea's major hubs. The city is close to beaches, mountains and temples that attract visitors from all over the world. Book your flights to Busan today with Cathay Dragon and enjoy inflight entertainment and impeccable service.

    First time in Busan

    Due to its setting on the water's edge, the city has been dubbed the ‘Korean San Francisco'. Orient yourself with a cable car ride to the top of Geumgang Park. Head to Jagalchi Fish Market to discover thousands of fish varieties, many of which may be new to you. The stallholders will cook the fish there if you fancy a casual meal, or visit Jagalchi Restaurant at the Wharf for a more sophisticated environment. Join the city’s locals in a stroll along Haeundae Beach, then explore the Busan Aquarium. For local art both kids and adults will appreciate, visit the Gamcheon Culture Village.

    Travel tips in Busan

    The city is sprawling; plan out your day so you can use the city's excellent subway and city train lines accordingly. Travel well when you book your flights to Busan with Cathay Dragon today.