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    Book & Compare Flights to Phuket (HKT) with Cathay Pacific from BDT83,466

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    Dhaka (DAC)
    to Phuket (HKT)
    Round trip
    09/01/2020 - 16/01/2020
    Book & Compare Flights to Phuket (HKT) with Cathay Pacific from BDT 83,466

    Interesting facts about Phuket

    Phuket is Thailand's luxury beach destination. Famed for its white sandy shores spread over a main island and 32 smaller islands, Phuket is the perfect place for relaxation. Start your holiday in style – choose Cathay Dragon for your Phuket flights.

    What to do in Phuket

    Start on the waters to take in the world-famous karsts and scenery. Kayak or join a boat ride along Phang Nga Bay, renowned for its limestone cliffs above bright green waters. Beach lovers should head to Patong, the region’s busiest town with a hip beach culture. Old Phuket Town is the cultural heart of the island, with historic Chinese architecture.

    Transportation in Phuket

    If you are staying in a resort or smaller town, hire a tuk tuk to move around conveniently. Phuket City offers some modern air-conditioned buses around the city, and provides boat and ferry access to nearby islands. For more flexibility, hire a car or motorbike. Book your flights to Phuket with Cathay Dragon and experience comfort, style, and impeccable service.

    Weather in Phuket

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    31 °CWednesday21/08/2019
    29 °CThursday22/08/2019
    29 °CFriday23/08/2019
    29 °CSaturday24/08/2019
    28 °CSunday25/08/2019
    28 °CMonday26/08/2019
    27 °CTuesday27/08/2019