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Cathay Pacific’s ‘The Spirit of Hong Kong’ Campaign attracts more than 3,500 entries and 500,000 page views - application deadline 26 August

20 Aug 2013

Cathay Pacific’s “The Spirit of Hong Kong” campaign has resonated with the Hong Kong public, attracting more than 3,500 entries and 500,000 page views since its launch in late July.


The 50 entries that attracted the most votes from netizens in the first week of the campaign were announced on 15 August, with each winner receiving a pair of Cathay Pacific or Dragonair tickets. A total of 620 air tickets will be given away to 310 winners during the course of the campaign, including the “10 Champions” and “Top 100 Winners” categories.


Among the winners from the 50 most popular entries were Tsang Hin-wai and Chow Ho-wing, who shared their views on the Hong Kong spirit with media today. Ms Tsang has been a loyal customer of a traditional Hong Kong café in Shek O since she was young, enjoying milk tea prepared by the same elderly man at the shop for the past 20 years. She took a picture showing the man completely absorbed in making the milk tea. She said: “I chose this picture for submission because he is an icon for the Hong Kong spirit - focused, diligent and determined to excel in every task.”


Chow Ho-wing took a picture of more than 100 taxis lining up for customers at Hong Kong International Airport. “Taxi drivers are good listeners and resilient, just like other Hong Kong people,” Mr Chow said, adding that they get people to destinations in emergency situations, listen to people’s problems and dutifully serve Hong Kong‘s citizens. “They play an important role in building a harmonious society,” Mr Chow said.


Another winning work was created by designer Li Man-fung. The picture shows a calloused hand set against a backdrop of Hong Kong’s infrastructure. Mr Li said: “The working classes help build Hong Kong’s success with their bare hands. I want to put the spotlight on the real heroes who work behind the scenes. It’s thanks to them that we can enjoy a nice clean living environment and the amazing high-rise buildings of our city.” Li says the hand with rough skin represents the true spirit of Hong Kong – hard working.



“The Spirit of Hong Kong” campaign launched with a contest calling on Hong Kong people to submit creative entries that illustrate the spirit of our home city. The airline hopes to create a buzz in the Hong Kong community and encourage people to share their thoughts on what makes the city so special.


For the past 66 years, Cathay Pacific has played an integral part in the growth of the local aviation industry and, as a consequence, the development of the local economy. As the city’s home carrier, Cathay Pacific is committed to upholding and promoting the extraordinary spirit of Hong Kong’s people, contributing to making the city a great place to work and live, and generally instilling positive values into the Hong Kong community.



How to enter

Submissions to “The Spirit of Hong Kong” contest can be in the form of photographs or illustrations and each participant can submit multiple entries. The winners will be selected by a judging panel and through public voting. Those interested in taking part can find out more about the campaign and submit their entries at www.cathaypacific.com/SpiritOfHK. The deadline for submission is 26 August 2013.


Each participant can submit multiple entries, but will only be eligible for one prize in the “Weekly Winner” category, and the “Top 100 Winners” or “10 Champions” categories.



The 100 top winners and 10 champions will be selected by a panel of judges and each will be awarded with a pair of round-trip tickets to destinations around the world served by Cathay Pacific and its sister airline, Dragonair. They will also get the chance to have their personal images incorporated into the design for the new “The Spirit of Hong Kong” aircraft livery, meaning they will help to carry the spirit of Hong Kong around the airline’s global network.


Submissions to the contest are being posted online on a weekly basis to enable the public to cast their votes. Every week, the 50 entries that attract the most public votes will each be awarded with a pair of Economy Class round-trip tickets to regional destinations served by Cathay Pacific and Dragonair


Prizes and Categories



Prize (for each winner)

Total Winners

Total Tickets

10 Champions
- Selected by judging panel

Two round-trip Business Class air tickets on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair, from HK to any worldwide destination



Top 100 Winners
- Selected by judging panel

Two round-trip Economy Class air tickets on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair, from HK to any worldwide destination



Weekly Winners
- Public voting on a weekly basis, over four weeks

Two round-trip Economy Class air tickets on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair, from HK to any regional destination



Contest Total





Entry submission


The Contest is open to members of the Hong Kong public. Each participant has to submit an entry to the campaign website - www.cathaypacific.com/SpiritOfHK - consisting of:


·         A photograph or illustration: in JPG or PNG format (minimum 1MB, maximum 5MB)

·         Title: Maximum 30 characters (in Chinese or English)

·         Description: Maximum 300 characters (in Chinese or English)


Contest Schedule

30 July – 26 August
(4 weeks)

SOHK Contest launch – contest website, www.cathaypacific.com/SpiritOfHK, open for public submissions

15, 21, 28 August &

4 September

Announcement of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th week’s 50 most voted entries on the website. Total of 200 Weekly Winners

30 September

Announcement of 10 Champions and 100 Top Winners on website.

Winners’ own photographs will be adapted into a silhouette and featured on the special aircraft livery